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This application allows the user to download tickets as PDF.

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Nusive Ticket PDF Download allows you to download tickets as PDF. The exported PDF includes all the elements from the ticket, including font styles, lists, and attachments. The application also allows the user to export multiple PDF as the same time.

All processing is performed on the client side. This means that your information never leaves Zendesk while the PDF is being built. Since the processing is performed on the client side, there are some limitations on the type of HTML the application can handle. The application will try to process and convert your comments HTML, but in case it is not possible, the plain comment will be exported.

In addition to this, Zendesk imposes a limit on the API calls an application can make per agent, per application. This affects the generation process times when using the bulk export. It is as fast as it can be keeping everything inside your Zendesk instance.

Exporting a single ticket to PDFTo export a ticket, just open it and click the "Download PDF" button in the sidebar application.

PDF Export application You're browser will prompt you to download a PDF for the ticket. PDF Example

Exporting multiple tickets to PDF (or ZIP)The application also allows you to print multiple tickets at the same time. By default, it will print a single PDF with all the tickets. Check the options export as a ZIP file containing a PDF per ticket.

Bulk export allows for multiple search features. Search Example Once the search is complete, the application allows the user to select which tickets to export, along with some settings. The application was tested with up to 2333 tickets. Results Example

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Planes y precios

Ticket PDF Download Free

Never pay a thing

  • Download a single ticket as PDF from the Ticket Sidebar application.
  • Search and download or more tickets as a single PDF, or a ZIP file with multiple PDF files, using the left Nav Bar application. Search tickets by tags, creation date, status, priority, type, requester, submitter, or assignee.
Ticket PDF Download Plus

$1.00 per agent, per month

The plus plan enables the following features:

  • Exclude private comments.
  • Add ticket subject as part of pdf file name.
  • Include requester contact information (email, phone, and custom fields).
  • Include ticket custom fields.
  • Include ticket tags.

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