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Power your CRM with Orion and reduce churn!

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How does it work?

  • Get easy access to all your macros The app integrates in the sidebar next to your tickets and lets you search all your macros quickly.
  • Faster response to tickets No more looking for the right macro. All your macros are right there where you need them.
  • No configuration required Click install and start using the app immediately. No configuration or extra steps needed before it’s operational.
  • Quick search through your macros Easy search bar that lets you search all your macros quickly.
  • Powered by Orion AI for maximal relevancy Your searches are powered by Orion AI. This means that it learns from your interactions and helps you find relevant macros much easier.
  • Preview your macro You no longer need to memorise all your macros. Preview the contents of your macro right from the app.
  • Apply macro and finalise your ticket Click to apply your macro, finalise your ticket and hit send!

Why use the Macro Suggestions Orion app?

For handling more customer questions ... faster

  • Know your customer You can only effectively reduce churn when you know the problems of your customers. Your customer service interactions are the ideal moment to capture this information!
  • Open the gates 75% of customers that have a problem never contact your customer service. These silent customers are responsible for the bulk of your customer churn. So motivate your customers to contact you and increase the number of interactions.
  • Efficient customer service The increase in customer interactions puts an extra load on your customer service center. Keep this load down by using tools to handle each question as efficient as possible. The Macro Suggestions Orion app can help you with this by making your macros easily available.

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