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Fill up your Zendesk knowledge base with beautiful documentation. ScreenSteps combines everything you need to organize screenshots, mark them up, add titles and text, and then publish right to Zendesk Help Center or the Legacy Web Portal.

Improve your self-service by giving your customers great answers that are crystal clear. Instead of using only text to explain how to use your software, you can incorporate multiple screenshots into an article to show your customers exactly what to do, walking them through each step of a process.

Collaborate with a team of agents, and get everybody to contribute their knowledge. Because ScreenSteps is so simple to use, anybody on your team can create great tutorials. You can also use presets so that your documentation looks consistent no matter who writes it. And because writing great documentation in ScreenSteps is so quick, everybody on your team will be able to write a lot more of it.

Reduce support requests. Zendesk customers who use ScreenSteps to create high quality articles notice a drop in tickets submitted because customers can find what they need on their own, and they have fewer follow up questions asking for points of clarification.

Update screenshots so your customers always have the most relevant information right at their fingertips. All you have to do is click the “Replace image” button and you can instantly replace an old screenshot with a current one that shows off your software’s new UI. ScreenSteps also makes it easy to assign outdated articles to members of your team so you can divide and conquer.

Rollback old revisions - pretty helpful if you or a member of your team makes a mistake and you need to reload an older version of your article. ScreenSteps stores all of your images so you can revert to a previous copy.

Resolve tickets faster by sending your customers a link to your articles. No more repeating the same thing again and again, or having to clarify what your macro said in follow-up emails. You can show your customers exactly what you mean using marked up screenshots, and walk them through complex workflows by showing them what to do.

ScreenSteps gives you everything you need to create customer self-service documentation that gets great results. Capture screenshots, mark them up, add some text, and publish right to Zendesk.

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