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Macro Manager app to bulk import/export your macros and preview dynamic content

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How the Macro Manager works

Zendesk macros are very powerful when it comes to streamlining your Zendesk workflow efficiently. By creating a Zendesk macro for your recurring customer support requests, you can save your customer service agents a lot of time. Macros eliminate the need to manually respond to different customers that have the same support request.

Because it makes customer service easier and faster, there are usually a lot of macros created by support teams. To organize Zendesk macros is key in order to keep track and work with them effectively. This app helps you to deal with a great amount of Zendesk macros, by allowing you to select and edit multiple Zendesk macros at the same time.


The Macro Manager app allows you to perform bulk imports or exports of Zendesk macros, bulk activate or delete macros and test your dynamic content on-the-fly in different languages.

Whether you just started using Zendesk as your main ticketing software, or you need to transfer data from one Zendesk instance to another - the Macro Manager app saves your agents hours of manual work.


  • Export or import Zendesk macros in Excel file format
  • Preview macro comments and debug dynamic content in multiple languages
  • Review dynamic content placeholders used inside specific macros and directly change the dynamic content on one page
  • Enhanced search for macros via 'name' and 'Dynamic Content' values
  • Examine actions that macros will perform in tickets



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