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Sutherland Agent Success is a AI solution designed to help contact center agents provide better customer service. By integrating with your Zendesk application, this system delivers intelligent shortcuts, live recommendations, and knowledge to help agents engage with customers more effectively and with greater empathy.

The solution is powered by Google Cloud and Google CCAI technology, providing best-in-class speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities. But that's not all – Sutherland has also integrated its own patented Augment CXM capabilities, Generative AI, and ensured seamless integration with existing CRM, knowledge bases, and analytics platforms.

Empower your agents to solve customer questions faster

Knowledge Assist

  • Contextually accurate answers are surfaced instantly to the consultant's desktop, providing relevant knowledge articles directly in a conversation, eliminating the need for manual searches and browsing tasks.

  • The feature includes frequently asked questions (FAQs), knowledge base (KB) articles, and guided decision trees, making it easier for agents to access and use relevant information in real-time.

Suggested Replies

  • Empower agents with AI-generated response recommendations based on successful customer service team replies to improve customer interactions and problem resolution.

  • Enhance communication flow by integrating pre-approved response recommendations into the agent’s workflow, resulting in more efficient and effective customer service.

Conversational Summarization

  • Generates a concise summary of the entire agent-customer conversation, facilitating the creation of well-formatted summaries with minimal effort for the agents.

  • Shortens the time required for agents to review past conversations when handling returned or transferred chat conversations, while also aiding QA/managers in monitoring and assessing service quality.

Key Moment Detection

  • Moment Detection allows you to automatically categorize conversations, receive alerts, or generate action based on uttered keywords, sentiment scores, and other attributes.

Real-Time Coaching

  • Leverage the power of AI to identify best practices and coaching opportunities, enabling your team to improve agent performance like never before.

  • Our Real-time Coaching feature goes beyond just coaching your agents, it also predicts NPS scores in real-time, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience.

Why Agent Success with Sutherland:

  • Hassle-free deployment: Effortlessly integrate with your existing Zendesk platform using a simple plug-in.

  • Enhanced productivity: Boost your team's efficiency with AI-powered features that improve process adherence and reduce confusion.

  • Automated training: Save time and resources with pre-built ML model that eliminates the need for extensive ML model training.

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