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Easy, collaborative phone support using cell phones

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Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see ).

Truly Wireless is the first app that natively integrates your cell phone and Zendesk into one seamless experience, at your desktop or on the go.

Perfect for customer success and support teams who need to collaboratively manage calls. Works over your phone's native cell connection to provide the best service in the most places (not VOIP)!

Zendesk Features Include:

  • Auto-log inbound/outbound calls
  • Record all of your calls
  • Take notes while on a call, on Desktop or your Phone
  • Click to call directly out of Zendesk
  • Get Zendesk data in your native caller ID (no need to download contact data)
  • Synchronize call metadata into Zendesk reporting
  • Call Transfers directly from mobile device

Truly also offers a full set of business phone system system features for your Sales/Success organization:

  • 100% native calling functionality over your cell connection
  • Separate business number in any area code
  • Separate work/personal call log and contacts
  • Voicemail with Transcriptions
  • Google/Office365 Contacts Sync
  • Corporate Directory
  • Domestic outbound calling from your business number
  • Affordable international calling
  • Call routing from the company line to your mobile phone

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