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AgentBot is a conversational IA-powered bot with Natural Language Understanding, neural networks, LSTM, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. It chats with customers in real-time, solves their needs and provides an omnichannel experience 24/7.

Thanks to its conversational and semantic engine with multiple IA technologies, companies can interact with customers in a personalized, unstructured and natural way. The bot understands informal language, regionalisms, emojis and voice messages in +50 languages.

Its user-friendly platform and simple management make it perfect for non tech staff. Everyone can upload content, edit, create flows and add videos, buttons and carousels to the answers, among other complements, without IT intervention.

Evaluate the bot’s performance using Aivo's Analytics tool. Assess the main metrics related to transferred sessions, conversations and interactions, satisfaction and feedback and learn from the topics your customers are asking about.

You’ll also be able to improve the bot’s content day by day based on what your customers need. Aivo’s Learning tool gathers unanswered questions and sorts them by date and frequency.

AgentBot can be integrated with leading CRM and legacy systems to access customer interaction data. In addition, it is capable of detecting opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.


By connecting your Zendesk Support account to AgentBot, you can import the forms you already have in Zendesk Support and then add them in the bot’s answers.

AgentBot can identify the specific intention or need that the client has and create a ticket to the specific area with the necessary details to solve the customer’s problem.

Watch how it works in this video.

Give your customer an integrated self-service experience and increase first contact resolution level. Get started!

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