Strongpoint for Salesforce

Customers push Zendesk tickets into a Salesforce Strongpoint Change Request.

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Strongpoint makes heavily customized enterprise software easier to manage, with industry-leading, award-winning tools for system documentation, change management, deployment and compliance. With it, everything from changing a customization to preparing for an audit can be simple and stress-free.

Key features:

  1. The tool has three settings that allows for approvals to be done in Zendesk, approvals to be done in Salesforce or for approvals to be done by other apps in Zendesk

  2. With the group configuration can create approval groups that can separate requesters from approvers

  3. Tickets can be approved in Zendesk using our approval feature

  4. Automated reconciliation of tickets in Zendesk and changes in Salesforce

  5. Ability to pull customizations into Zendesk as the scope of changes

  6. Specify Bundle ID as the scope of change

  7. Automated Impact Analysis

  8. Ability to synchronize with desired Salesforce account

Our Strongpoint integration for Zendesk helps customers to push Zendesk tickets into Salesforce as Strongpoint Change Request, enabling easy management of changes, seamless tracking of compliant changes and automate the reconciliation of change logs during audit.

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