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Send, automate and track WhatsApp Notifications

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This app will require you to have a Zendesk Suite Professional or Enterprise license. If you would like to learn more about upgrading to Zendesk Suite Professional or Enterprise, please speak to your Zendesk representative who will be happy to help.

This app will change your CX experience, your support team´s, and most importantly, your clients´.

Sending WhatsApp by using macros

We all love to be treated right. So do your customers. Do you want to reach your clients by WhatsApp directly, without having them contact you first? Then keep on reading.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Zendesk.
  • Sends immediate and delayed notifications.
  • Sends bulk notifications using Excel and .csv files.
  • Solves the Facebook 24h response limit issue.

More details below, but first what really matters.

Add WhatsApp Templated Messages into your Zendesk workflow

  • Start WhatsApp conversations and track them.
  • Avoid the 24h response limit from Facebook.
  • Send notifications with videos, documents, and images*.
  • Send single templated WhatsApp notifications to new or existing conversations.
  • Send WhatsApp notifications to different recipients within the same ticket.
  • Send templated WhatsApp notifications using Zendesk Support Macros.
  • Add WhatsApp notification templates to any bot.
  • Send WhatsApp notifications using our API.
  • Leverage triggers and automations to send WhatsApp notifications.
  • Send WhatsApp notifications in bulk, immediately or scheduled.

All while keeping track of everything, and with zero coding.

Sending WhatsApp by uploading Excel files

Track your conversations

  • Monitor your messaging activity in real time using Zendesk Support Views and Zendesk Explore Reports.
  • Get notified if a notification cannot be delivered.
  • Create undelivered notifications in different views for your agents to deal with.
  • Visualize and download your notification data.

How it works

Create your WhatsApp templates in Meta For Business. Once approved by Facebook, you can use them by: * By uploading Excel files * By setting up triggers, automations, macros, and bots. * By calling our API.

Developed by Respira Internet.

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