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Give Context by adding Events to the Customer Timeline

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Are you a customer service agent fed up with logging every customer event? Event Manager Pro is an app that adds a missing UI to Zendesk's Events feature

The Event Manager Pro app has the perfect solution - so you can get back to doing what you do best. Our app is designed with user-friendly UI that seamlessly integrates with your Zendesk workspace, making it easier than ever to log events to customer profiles or timelines via the sidebar app in the Agent Workspace. Who said managing customer records couldn't be fun? Not only does this app make life easier for agents, but it also makes life easier for admins - with easy definable templates, you can make sure events contain the right information and data. With Event Manager Pro, admins can generate the required API code faster than ever, allowing maximum efficiency when it comes to developing and deploying integrations. Thanks to Event Manager Pro , giving personalised customer service doesn't have to be complicated.


Get a single view of the customer

Give your agents a single view of everything you know about a customer. Show events like order history, repairs, bookings or other critical events in the same timeline as your conversations and tickets.

You can use the Events API to store and access user event data generated in one or more systems or applications used by your organization. For example, you can track user events that occur in your company's business-to-consumer (B2C) application as well as in a third-party app your company uses for customer billing.

More Personalized support

No more wasting time separating events like order history, repairs, bookings or other critical events from tickets and conversations. Now you can have them all at a glance. But it doesn't stop there - our Events API allows you to store and access user event data generated in different systems or applications. Now, you can track user events that occur in your company's business-to-consumer (B2C) application as well as in a third-party app your company uses for customer billing.

The Event Manager Pro helps you to build customer relationships thanks to - More context for your agent in one-on-one conversations - Allowing follow-up after certain events occur - Providing a more personalize experience throughout

We give you control over the universe...of event management, at least!


Logging events for Agents

Event Manager Pro adds a sidebar to the agent interface that allows agents to easily input events like new orders, returns and any special requests that may arise.

For example, a customer wants a last minute change made to his vacation booking. The agent can log the change in the Customer Timeline so that this action is visible for all agents whenever they look at the customer. When a few days before the vacation starts the customer contacts the Customer Care team to ask about the change in price, they can quickly pinpoint why and when the change was made.

Controlling events for Admins

Our Admin Panel makes it easy for Team Leaders to quickly create a predefined set of Event Types and make them available for their agents. A Retail store can create events for Returns, Refunds, Gift Cards. Whenever an agent handles such cases they can log the exact interaction to the timeline and give context to their conversations. And Team Leads can be sure that they log the right information: SKU, price, reason.

Integrate external systems

Don't worry if some events happen outside of a conversation - our Zendesk Custom Events API takes care of this problem. Creating integrations has never been easier!

By leveraging the API and tools like Zapier, you can quickly log an event whenever a customer subscribes to a newsletter, purchases a product or a package has been shipped.

Traditionally creating these integrations is complex, but thanks to our Admin Panel you can create the event type exactly like you want it in an easy to use UI, and forward the required API calls and JSON Payload to your development team so they can integrate it with your systems.

Example Event Types included in the app

You can create your own Event Types, but these can inspire you to get started!

✏️ Customer Note

Just a random note with info referring to the customer. Could be: doesn’t speak french, on holiday until May 4th, company policy blocks our emails,...

🛒 Order Refund

A customer requests a refund. Agents logs the refund, price, the sku, reason and name of the approver so we can always see what happened and don’t risk multiple refunds

Fields: Order ID, Reason, Amount, SKU, Agent

📅 Booking Updated

The customer requests a date change for a booking or reservation. Agent logs the change so that any future complaint about change of date is easily resolved.

Fields: Reservation ID, Change Made, Agent

🔑 Account updated

Customer wants a new email address, we update the account but want to take note.

Fields: Change Made, Reason, Agent

Updates & support

Our apps and email templates are updated regularly to support new Zendesk features and capabilities. Have any questions about this app? Feel free to contact us.

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