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Love Your Knowledge Base With Zendesk + MindTouch

Last updated May 6, 2011

Knowledge bases can be one of your powerful customer support tools, yet far too many fail to receive the attention and consistent cultivation they truly need to wow your customers. Which is too bad because knowledge bases empower your customers to resolve issues independent of your support team, all the while providing them with the information and documentation they need to become experts on your product.

The problem is that keeping these warehouses of documentation and information diligently curated is no easy task, until now.

We are really happy to announce our new and amazing integration with MindTouch TCS, a cloud-based social knowledge base that delivers the kind of scalability, security, and extensibility befitting of enterprise-level content management, but with a super simple simple wiki-like interface that’s perfect for creating product help communities. Now agents can access a vast library of documentation during support calls and chats, something that is sure to close tickets more quickly and increase customer satisfaction. This integration empowers your customers and agents to more easily search your knowledge base and procure answers to questions that they may have. Very cool.

Learn how to install it here.

MindTouch and Zendesk, together, allow support agents, experts, and even end users, to work together to co-author and edit knowledge base articles. But what we’re really thrilled about, is the ability to tap a support agent’s experience and knowledge by allowing them to easily contribute articles to the knowledge base by simply submitting a solved ticket. Once they’ve posted the solution to a customer’s problem in a ticket, it can be pushed directly to your MindTouch knowledge base. Later on, if a customer comes in with the same problem, you can always point them to this document instead of repeating the steps to solving it. The more knowledge base articles you can provide customers, the more likely you are to lower your support costs. How’s that for convincing?

Meanwhile, MindTouch gives you the power to embed rich media and video in articles to build more useful and helpful material. Not everyone learns the same way and giving your customers an array of options to learn certain concepts and features is pretty cool. The secret to getting your customers to build a rich and robust community through social media participation is now here at your fingertips.

Ok, so now you’re thinking, the floodgates are open, information is being shared and authored with abandon, how can I know which content is actually good and what content needs to be ditched? No need to fear. Your users can score your content to help build out your community and give them a voice to help them improve your content.

With the combined love of MindTouch’s knowledgebase community and Zendesk agents’ love for supporting your customers, you can easily build a robust and engaging help community with a plethora of combined knowledge for your site. Use MindTouch and Zendesk together to build out a rich customer experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.