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New Integrations for January

Last updated January 23, 2013

A new year is here, and with it, several great new integrations to help improve your Zendesk experience!

TymeShift is a dedicated application designed specifically to build a bridge between TSheets and Zendesk to track the time your users spend working on Zendesk tickets. Your agents and managers will never have to leave Zendesk to track, manage, and report on time spent. Track all the time spent on individual tickets, roll them up into invoices, and capture more billable hours with the flexible app that TymeShift provides.  Built to cater to any type of billing organization, TymeShift allows for you to build your own hierarchy of data around time tracking and gives you the reports you want on where your team is spending the most time on tickets.

Capsule is a simple but powerful CRM tool for keeping track of the people and companies you do business with, including communications, opportunities in the pipeline, and scheduled tasks.

Capsule integrates with Zendesk so that you can see a complete view of interactions that a lead or customer has had with your business across sales and support activities. The new application for Zendesk allows for you to see customer info from Capsule in Zendesk and on the flip side, view customer tickets in Capsule when viewing records. No more switching between programs for the information you need.  Find what you need in the product you use the most.

GRANDSLA is the first service governance platform as a service. Nowadays more and more enterprises are buying and selling services on the cloud. Wouldn’t it be nice to align these service level agreements with the business customer support targets?

GRANDSLA offers you the opportunity to regain control of your help desk by allowing you to setup dynamic dashboards for customer service, immediately allowing you to pinpoint inefficiencies and be proactive through an automated feedback loop. GRANDSLA’s Zendesk wizard configurator allows, with a single click, the free configuration of a default governance structure for your Zendesk customer support, and is a foundation from which you can control and build even better service levels for your customer support.

A customer service team often wants to do more than just say thanks to a customer for sticking with them through a long ticket. Or maybe a CSR is determined to turn an unhappy customer into an advocate by rewarding them. This is where TangoCard comes into play.  With the TangoCard app for Zendesk, you can quickly and easily send your customers a reward for whatever the reason may be.  The TangoCard can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.  Ready to kick up your customer service a notch?  Check out the TangoCard app for Zendesk and give your customers that extra bit of customer appreciation that will keep them coming back to your site.

Datameer is the single application for complete big data analytics. With rapid data integration, over 200 pre-built data transformation and analytic functions, and the tools to create stunning data visualizations, Datameer quickly transforms raw data into insights. Datameer provides a single application for Big Data Analytics that requires no ETL, no static schemas, and puts powerful analytics and data visualizations directly in the hands of any user.

The Datameer Zendesk app lets you visualize all of your Zendesk support data in one click. But why stop there? Drive data from all sources into a data warehouse and build tools to help you better analyze data in one place.

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