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Ticketing and chat, a match made in customer heaven: introducing the upgraded Zendesk Zopim integration

Last updated March 23, 2016

[Editor’s note: Zopim is now Zendesk Chat]

Every support channel offers its own unique benefits: voice is personal, live chat is immediate, and tickets are a great way to keep track of customer issues and provide follow up for problems that cannot be immediately resolved. Combining different channels helps you reach more customers and one of the most popular combinations is ticketing and live chat.

To answer that need, we built a Zopim integration for Zendesk. It was supposed to make using both live chat and tickets effortless. But, we have to admit, all was not rosy with this original integration. Zopim only allowed agents to create tickets at the end of a chat. This was disruptive for agents who needed to modify ticket details while the conversation was ongoing.

Those days are over. Introducing V2 of the Zendesk Zopim Integration. In this version, Zopim automatically creates a Zendesk ticket at the start of a chat. Agents now have full access to ticket fields, Zendesk Apps, and user data from the start of a chat.

Faster agents means higher customer satisfaction
Agents are empowered to work more efficiently in V2:

  • Ability to create and modify ticket fields while chatting with customers
  • Opportunity to handle multiple chats and tickets more efficiently
  • Capability to add notes and create trackable issues during a chat
  • Access to Zendesk Apps and user data while concurrently serving a chat, which means that agents have better context about the customer

With more customer context, and the ability to complete tickets during chats, agents can solve problems faster, which can increase in customer satisfaction.

Scaling With The Times

With more and more customers turning to live chat for service and support, it’s important to ensure your support platform stays relevant.

In addition to the workflow upgrade in V2, we’ve made sure that the Zendesk Zopim Integration is fully capable of handling any increase in volume you’re likely to encounter. Having more customers does not mean sacrificing your response rates.

No matter what you throw at it, Zendesk and Zopim will continue humming along with your team.

Upgrading from V1 to V2
If you’re already using Zopim and Zendesk you’ll see a number of improvements in the new version, including speed and stability, once you upgrade. However, do take note that in V2 of the integration tickets are created at the start of the chat so your Zendesk trigger workflows (if you have any) will be affected. For more details, take a look at our notes on upgrading from V1 to V2.

Ready for V2? Zopim customers can log in and upgrade now.

Not using Zopim right now? Check it out here.

If you need any help take a look at our V1 to V2 upgrade documentation or email us at

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