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Your customer records exist in sales, marketing, finance and support systems, making it difficult to see the single truth of your customer across all your software systems. Zendesk is your customer support system where your customers and prospects engage with you by filing support tickets.

As an example, its no point your account manager trying to upsell (uses CRM) when the customer is angry due to unsolved tickets (account manager has no visibility of customer support system). The Single Customer View from UnifiedVU is here to address this and other problems.

As part of unifying customer records from sales, marketing, accounting and support, the Zendesk app on UnifiedVU Platform works with any contact based apps such as CRM displaying the support tickets filed by the Customer.

Select a Contact on the CRM App, and the adjacent Zendesk App will display tickets filed by the Customer and how those tickets have been solved.

On UnifiedVU, you could select a Customer or prospective Customer, go through their employees on the CRM Contacts App to find out which employee has filed the most tickets. The person who files most tickets tend to use your systems more than the silent ones.

As we continue to develop, the importance of Zendesk within the Single Customer View will continue to grow.

Currently, Zendesk works with Salesforce, SugarCRM and Capsule CRM on UnifiedVU Platform.

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