Adelante is a one-stop shop for any ecommerce business using Zendesk. We’ll help you to automate workflows, reduce costs and increase your service levels.

As official Zendesk partners, we’re experts in getting the best out of the platform. We have a wide range of innovative Zendesk solutions that are ready for you to use from day one—no complex setup, configuration, or management to worry about.

We help ecommerce businesses that are starting out with:

  • Initial implementation of Zendesk
  • Configuring and customizing
  • Integrating with your store backend
  • Creating and personalizing reports

We help growing ecommerce businesses to scale up efficiently by:

  • Introducing automation
  • Training and guiding your agents
  • Formalizing processes & workflows
  • Reducing manual call handling

And we help established businesses to extend their use of Zendesk by:

  • Integrating with WhatsApp & chatbots
  • Designing new hybrid workflows
  • Advanced reporting and analysis
  • Controlling costs and increasing ROI

*Why work with Adelante? *

If you want to get the most out of Zendesk—there are 3 ways to do so:

1) Manage everything in-house

...but it’ll take more time than you think when you factor in the additional skills you or your employee will most likely need to learn, plus time spent on development, implementation testing, and support/maintenance.

2) Bring in consultants or contractors

...although beware of the risk of spiraling costs as even straightforward projects end up running over time or suffering from scope creep. Plus there's a danger you're spending to "reinvent the wheel" with each new project.


3) Work with us!

Just a turn-key Zendesk solution, with any extras you need plugged in. Perfectly tailored to your business.

Whatever you want to get done using Zendesk—we’ll help you find the most efficient and cost-effective way to do it. We look forward to hearing from you—visit to book a call or email us here.

*In the meantime, see what our clients have to say about working with us: *

“Adelante knows Zendesk inside-out and can take a customer’s vision and provide an effective and smart solution. They brought in other solutions that we were unfamiliar with and can be integrated into the system to do the things it doesn’t let us do out of the box.”

Uri Ironi, VP (B2B Projects), HTZone

(HTZone deployed our solution to slash manual ticket responses by 66% and automate the identification and resolution of duplicate tickets.)


"From the first meeting, it was clear to us that we were dealing with a very different company from those we’d already tried in the past! Adelante came up with so many ideas at the meeting that we didn’t even know were possible."

Yael Campano, Director of Support, JustEat POS

(Practi by JustEat came to us as they were growing their customer service team from 12 to 60 – and achieved a 10x decrease in first response time with our solution.)


“From the moment we decided to switch to Zendesk, Adelante did an in-depth analysis to understand our needs and execute a quick implementation of the organizational system. I recall shutting down the old system in one day."

Matan Ben Simhon, General Manager, Yarin-Shahaf

(Yarin-Shahaf had a team of 10 working on customer service across 9 channels, and our solution cut their average response times from days to under 5 minutes.)


“Adelante’s Zendesk system allows high functionality that is usually offered by costly tools – at a fair price and with a very high level of customization to our needs. If we did it in-house, it would have consumed a lot more time and money, with inferior results”

Asaf Cohen, CEO, Finupp

(Finupp worked with us to set up their entire customer service department, and cut service tickets by 45% while experiencing 110% customer growth.)


"Adelante’s individual approach, knowledge, and experience greatly improved our processes. We would have wasted a lot of time and money by not going this route and trying to figure it all out ourselves. The changes freed up one FTE on our team - fantastic!"

Liad Avigal, Customer Service Manager, Arbox

(We helped Arbox reduce service tickets by 30% and increase single response resolutions by 40% while expanding their team from 2 to 12 agents.)


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