Zendesk Support enables Agoda to be agile and connected around the globe

  • Employees 1,900+
  • Use Case Internal
  • Headquartered in Singapore
  • Industry Travel and Hospitality
  • Products Used

Agoda, the leading online travel company in Asia, has offices in more than 40 countries worldwide. A company of many languages, Agoda strives to connect with individuals no matter where they are in the world.

Travel, remote communication, different time zones, and languages are all familiar to Agoda, yet ensuring seamless internal communication between employees—no matter where they are—can be hard.

“Before Zendesk Support, we used email, labeling everything with folders and tags. You can imagine how difficult it was to understand, manage, and track conversations with all our local teams out in the field,” explained Andrew Smith, Agoda’s Director of Operations.

In an effort to make sure every employee query gets answered, Agoda now manages most internal communications with Support. The travel company tracks and evaluates their local teams’ biggest pain points and easily shares tickets between teams all around the world, connecting teams that might typically have limited interaction.

“We love the visibility Support gives our teams,” Smith said. “Teams frequently use the Zendesk app to check in whether they are out in the field, in meetings, or traveling from hotel to hotel.”

“We like to think of ourselves as agile, like a large startup moving fast and doing a lot of great things. What’s great is that Zendesk moves fast and keeps track with our business.”

– Andrew Smith Director of Operations at Agoda