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Major media company taps Zendesk to scale employee support

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Offering TV series, films, and games across a wide variety of genres and languages, this major media company has some of the most tech-savvy customers in the world. The company prides itself on hiring some of the most recognizable directors and producers in the industry. And with the ability to hire the best of the best, this media company strives to provide the red carpet treatment to all of its employees.

With more than 10,000 employees, the company faces a unique challenge of providing a consistent experience for its movie producers, editors, and rank-and-file staff members in 190 countries across the globe.

The company has many different divisions that leverage Zendesk’s employee experience (EX) platforms, including stock administration, payroll, travel and expenses, workplace, security, IT, and AV/events, with offices around the world.

Other divisions include:
— Escalations
— Email support for streaming issues
— A network for vendors and contractors
— User information inquiries and deletion requests
— Partner support
— Legal
— New projects and partnerships
— Production support


A flexible EX solution

Previously, the company used several other EX software providers across its divisions. The multiple platforms provided an inconsistent experience for employees—and developers and engineers frequently needed to get involved to resolve issues with the software. The various platforms were also costly, slow, and unreliable.

After years of frustration, the media company decided to consolidate its EX solutions with Zendesk in 2019. A customer since 2013, the company now uses Zendesk for all of its experience needs.

With support now on one platform across the company, Zendesk helps with everything from facilitating investigations into credit card fraud to resolving compliance issues. Compliance issues can quickly become legal issues—and with Zendesk, the company reviews cases across all divisions, mitigating legal risk.

And with Zendesk, the company can cross-reference instances to see if someone has filed multiple complaints—or, if a chronic complainer also filed a lawsuit against the company. That kind of omni-view helps the company flag potential problems long before they become legal headaches.

The flexibility of Zendesk’s platform also allows the company to integrate its own app for a better employee experience. For example, the company posts QR codes in its offices throughout the world. That way, if a movie producer in Los Angeles or a vendor in Venezuela runs into a problem, they can scan the code and quickly get help from the app.


Scaling EX for the future

In the next few years, the company projects substantial growth. It plans to expand its video game offerings which will increase its subscriber base. And with the remarkable advances in the conversational abilities of artificial intelligence (AI), the company now has a mandate to automate as much as they can in the employee experience.

With its nimble yet robust platform, Zendesk is able to easily scale as the company grows. But no matter what the future holds, the company will make sure that its directors and producers—and employees—always enjoy a red carpet experience.