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Zendesk AI helps businesses deliver exceptional employee experiences

Publicado el 16 de octubre de 2023

Zendesk today announced it is bringing Zendesk AI to IT and HR teams. Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in creating better experiences for employees, especially as businesses navigate onboarding and retaining talent with tighter budgets and fewer resources. Zendesk currently partners with thousands of IT and HR teams across all industries to create efficient employee processes, boost employee satisfaction, and deliver measurable results. Now, Zendesk AI can leverage millions of data points to free up IT and HR team resources to prioritize more complex and critical tasks. New capabilities announced today include:

  • Generative bots: Enhanced, pre-trained bots for messaging and email intuitively understand employee needs, and have hundreds of intents built-in, eliminating the requirement for IT and HR teams to manually train bots.
  • Agent assistance: An AI-powered dashboard provides swift, intelligent suggestions to IT and HR teams to resolve employee issues effectively.
  • Intelligent triage: Intent and language detection, along with sentiment analysis, understands and sorts incoming requests, helping IT and HR teams improve workflows.
  • Automated recommendations: Zendesk AI suggests new shared macros that admins can create, which will automatically route issues to the correct team member, enhancing teams’ effectiveness.

“Our customers increasingly recognize that improving the employee experience is a business must-have. EX leaders are tasked with bringing together people, workflows, technology, and the physical workplace while prioritizing collaboration and improving efficiency,” said Josh Bean, Head of Employee Experience, Zendesk. “We have over 300 new AI-powered intents made just for internal-facing teams like IT and HR so they can identify what employees are asking for and get them the support they need even faster. Our AI-powered solution ensures employees are engaged, productive and informed, while also delivering cost savings to businesses.”

New Zendesk data shows 84% of IT decision makers think deploying and optimizing AI has increased in priority as compared to three years ago, and 62% believe AI has improved their organization’s employee experience (EX).

With Zendesk AI, IT and HR teams can manage more requests without the need to increase staffing. Advanced bots are pre-trained to identify the nature of employees’ issues and can resolve common problems without involvement from an IT or HR team member. It understands which issues require immediate escalation for a personalized and enhanced experience. This is especially important in the IT and HR fields, where a human touch is often necessary and not every task can be automated. With these insights and relevant response templates, teams can quickly resolve issues and communicate updates from a centralized workspace.

Additionally, teams can save 220 hours per month with AI that automatically classifies, prioritizes and routes issues to the right staff member. The power of AI-generated insights can also be leveraged to build intelligent workflows and discover novel ways to enhance operations.

“Integrating AI into EX is no longer a distant dream; it’s our present reality,” said Bean. “Intelligent, easy-to-use technology is vital for a motivated workforce, as increased engagement often leads to improved business results.”

To learn more about Zendesk AI for EX, visit here, and to read the full IT report, visit the Zendesk Blog.