Customer management software

Everything you need to know about a customer in one place.

Sell gives you complete visibility over every account record. All contact is well-organized, easily sorted and filtered to find the information you need. Automated email and call logging means you know the history of each customer and can quickly complete outstanding tasks.

Organized customer management

Sell provides a holistic view of each account and contact that's well-organized and easily sorted and filtered to get you the information you need. Automated email and call logging means history is actually logged so you can know exactly what was said to and shared with each customer.

360 degree view

Each record contains a comprehensive overview so you can understand historical context at a glance and quickly action outstanding tasks. Sell's account hub is easily sorted and filtered, eliminating time consuming searches.

Simple document storage and automated actions

Zendesk Sell includes document storage and seamlessly integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive so all relevant collateral, presentations and contracts are stored and shared in one place. Streamline your customer management workflows with easily customizable event-based tasks that save time and ensure a high-quality experience for each customer.

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