Zendesk lets you choose the phone number option that works best for you and your customers.

Haga que a los clientes les resulte fácil llamarle

Whether your customers are within hailing distance or the other side of the world, you can provide them with a phone number that makes sense. Toll-free, local, port the number you already use, or even multiple phone numbers; it’s all possible with Zendesk.

Local. Nacional. Mundial.

Zendesk offers phone numbers for more than 40 countries, including toll-free, local and national numbers.

números de teléfono locales y nacionales

Varios números de teléfono

Ofrezca varios números de teléfono a clientes en diferentes ubicaciones, o para diferentes tipos de clientes o problemas de servicio.

varios números de teléfono

Use el número que ya tiene

Zendesk supports porting and call forwarding options, so you can choose to keep your current phone number.