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Unwrapping new integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Por Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Última actualización el April 29, 2024

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


Apizee (Support) is a remote assistance video chat that enables customer service teams to increase customer satisfaction. Apizee enhances sales and support performance, allowing for streamlined resolutions, even in intricate scenarios. This platform amplifies human connections, fostering clearer understanding.


Places (Support) (paid) is all about letting people know where your business is. Increase your walk-ins by sharing your business’ physical location(s) in a way your leads and customers can use. Share the location of your office or store along with a Google Map link–useful for directions, sharing with others, and bookmarking for future reference.

Youtube + ChatGPT AI Assistance

Youtube + ChatGPT AI Assistance (Support) (paid) offers YouTube channel integration for Zendesk, allowing users to manage multiple accounts within a unified inbox. This integration facilitates the efficient handling of YouTube comments as tickets, with ChatGPT support ensuring prompt and accurate customer responses. Create a ticket for each customer comment, regardless of the channels, video, or shorts. Agents can efficiently respond and manage YouTube comments directly within the Zendesk app.

Additional apps added in December:

  • Anecdote (Support) is an AI-powered analytics platform purpose-built to reveal the underlying reasons behind customer churn and to identify valuable feature requests. Integrate your qualitative feedback tickets directly from Zendesk to gain a comprehensive view via an insightful dashboard.
  • AI KBA Optimizer (Support) is a powerful tool that automatically analyzes and enhances your articles in order to optimize your Help Center. Key features include automatic generation of label tags for your articles, identification of outdated articles, AI-powered analysis of content readability and rewriting suggestion, and automatic translation of content into multiple languages.
  • Discorder (Support) helps you integrate and manage Discord discussion threads into your customer support processes within Zendesk. Receive Discord messages in Zendesk, reply to your Discord users via Zendesk in private threads, and add tags to Discord tickets. Messages synchronize in near real-time, typically within seconds.
  • Translate Conversations (Support) translate customer tickets instantly for efficient, global support. Communicate with your customers in their own language with fast ticket translation to and from any spoken language. Auto-translate new messages as they arrive and write in your language while replying in your customer’s language.
  • Knovvu Analytics (Support) monitors all your customer interactions and provides a full, holistic view of customer behavior and feedback. The platform collects data from a variety of channels–such as phone calls, social media, or internet communication–and provides contact centers insights to measure customer experience.
  • StartADAM (Support) is your all-in-one solution for cross-platform collaboration within Zendesk. StartADAM centralizes all communications for compliance and efficiency with cross-platform chat channels. StartADAM connects to the chat channel seamlessly with Slack, MS Teams, Discord, or WhatsApp for efficient ticket communication.
  • SIRP (Support) is a risk-based Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) platform. SIRP makes it easy for security teams to quickly realize value through automation playbooks. This SIRP Zendesk App allows users to push the Zendesk ticket closure status to SIRP i.e. Close an Incident on SIRP.
  • Caller Verify (Support) streamlines the process of verifying callers. With a push of a button, the requester and their enrolled verification factors are automatically looked up and a request to verify their identity can be easily sent to the caller. Once completed, the verification details are automatically recorded in the Zendesk service ticket.
  • OAuth Dashboard by SpectreFlow (Support) serves as a centralized hub, showcasing all Local and Global OAuth tokens associated with the logged-in user’s account. This comprehensive view makes it significantly easier for administrators to manage their tokens, providing a streamlined process for token oversight.
  • Chat Gpt4 AI Chat Enhancer (Support) enhances customer service with AI-powered messages tailored to your company’s goals. It offers personalized responses, time-saving summaries, and insightful questions to enhance the quality and efficiency of your customer service.
  • Round Robing Assignment by Knots (Support) ensures a fair and efficient distribution of tickets among your support team. Without any manual intervention or agent interaction, this app intelligently assigns incoming tickets to available agents, balancing workload and enhancing response times.
  • Sentient Machines Analytics+ (Support) is the next generation AI omnichannel conversational analytics platform. Analyze 100 percent of interactions (chat, email, phone, etc.) seamlessly reviewing not only what is said but also what is not said–including intonation and pauses, and then assessing what it means.
  • ValueFirst Business Messaging (Sell) elevates your Zendesk Sell experience with a robust extension designed for efficient SMS and WhatsApp communication directly from your Contacts, Leads, and Deals modules.
  • CXBOX Broadcast (Support) helps you filter your customer’s information from particular fields within your CRM platform. Create your intended campaigns with out-of-the-box features. You can simply select content types and chat channels (e.g. LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, Twilio, Instagram, etc.) you want to broadcast to your targeted customers.
  • Reminder App by Saasly (Support) displays pop-up and receives alerts via diverse channels for effective communication. Enable reminders to function seamlessly on closed tickets. Mark reminders as completed, akin to checklist items.
  • Notify & Pin (Support) allows you to get immediate broadcast notifications within Zendesk’s user interface. Receive instant alerts in the top right corner of Zendesk Support.
  • ChatGPT 4 Auto Tag (Support) is a Zendesk plugin focused on intelligent Auto-Tagging. Analyze customer interactions in real-time, automatically tagging tickets with relevant keywords.
  • ChatGPT 4 Thank You Closer (Support) helps with those “thank you” messages that reopen resolved tickets. It doesn’t just read messages; it intelligently discerns the content. If it’s just gratitude, the ticket is closed. If there’s more to it, it stays open for human attention.
  • HolidayZ VM Swapper (Support) lets Zendesk Admins bulk update out of office voicemail across all Zendesk Talk lines with the click of a button. Choose your lines, choose your greeting, and submit.

New themes added in December:

Mandrake offers a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. With an optional dark mode and versatile navigation options—choose between accordion menus or content blocks—it provides a tailored experience. Effortlessly customize headers, footers, and more without delving into code.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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