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Say hello to September integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Por Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Última actualización el April 29, 2024

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.

PlentyMarkets App by LEAFWORKS

PlentyMarkets App by LEAFWORKS (Support) links Plentymarkets customers and their order history to your Zendesk tickets. The Plentymarkets app automatically checks and links Plentymarkets users from all different marketplaces and their order history directly to Zendesk tickets. For each new ticket, a search by user’s email is automatically performed–but in cases no data has been found agents can connect Plentymarket users manually with a search.

Shipmondo by Proventic

Shipmondo by Proventic (Support) lets you look up your Shipmondo customers’ orders and shipments without leaving Zendesk. Empower your support agents with the Shipmondo app, offering a concise and speedy snapshot of both historical and ongoing customer orders and shipments. This includes order status, comprehensive order line information, track and trace no., and a direct link to delve deeper into these details via your Shipmondo dashboard. With a seamless and integrated workspace, your agents can smoothly deliver effective and personalized customer support, streamlining their workflow for maximum efficiency.


Swarmica (Support) is a KCS Enablement Platform designed to help implement KCS workflow. Seamlessly integrate it with your help center and take control of your knowledge metrics like never before. Prepare for an immersive experience with a captivating, step-by-step gamified manual that guides you through the implementation of KCS processes. Get ready to level up your support game like never before.

Text Refiner

Text Refiner (Support) corrects grammar and stylistic errors while also adjusting the tone for Support responses. Once installed, the app adds a convenient “Refine” button to the text editor. When composing a response, the support specialist can click on the “Refine” button to automatically correct any errors. They can then review the changes and copy the refined text to update their response.

Additional apps added in September:

  • AI Prompt Pro (Support) uses AI to transform complex customer service interactions into concise summaries, and can be activated on-demand or automatically on ticket load– streamlining the response process.
  • AI Agent Assist (Support) and AI Agent Assist Pro (Support) help your agents with the full context of the ticket–GPT powered. ChatGPT can perform simple and routine tasks, such as answering factual questions, language task assistance, translation, content generation, text summarization, and more.
  • My Ticket Reminders (Support) allows you to set reminders for specific Zendesk tickets based on triggers or time, facilitating better ticket management.
  • Data Assembler (Support) enhances agent efficiency by providing a quick overview of relevant data, enabling agents to process tickets without opening each ticket or user profile individually.
  • Box Integration by Reva Solutions (Support) allows customers to store and manage documents on Box within Zendesk tickets, giving agents seamless access to related attachments. Any uploads to Box are tracked in the ticket comments and agents can preview and annotate the ticket attachments using Box Preview without having to download the attachments.
  • Akin AI Agent (Support) automates guest communication to drive direct bookings for hospitality operators. The app helps you draft perfect support email replies through smart AI responses based on your hospitality business data and provides configurable response styles to match your business voice.
  • (Support) is an AI-powered conversation analytics platform that integrates with Zendesk to provide robust analytics, sentiment analysis, and actionable insights.
  • NPS and Survey (Support) helps you to take the most out of your interaction with customers. Once a customer responds to a satisfaction survey, the agent can check the result on their side in a Zendesk ticket or via the statistics page with filters and charts to make a statistical correspondence between product, service, and client responses.
  • VOCALLS (Support) is a Voice-First AI platform automating customer interactions for elevated CX that saves money and increases revenue. When a customer calls to submit a ticket, a voicebot can ask specific questions and collect all the information required and create a fully populated ticket in Zendesk.
  • TimeLog by Proventic (Support) simplifies time tracking with Zendesk and TimeLog. The app lets support agents select customers, projects, and tasks directly from their TimeLog account. After adding a comment and time spent, the entry is automatically saved in TimeLog when the support ticket reply is submitted.
  • PEC Connector by Be-Simple (Support) helps you connect Zendesk Support with PEC. Fill in order information and send messages to PEC directly from Zendesk.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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