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The secret to a better CX: an improved agent experience


Última actualización el 8 de marzo de 2024

65% of customers say they expect customer service to be faster than it was 5 years ago and another 27% say that if they can’t use the channel of their choice, it contributes to a negative experience. This can put pressure on agents and without the right tools, it can be hard for agents to feel like they are doing their job effectively. The agent experience needs to evolve with changing customer expectations.

In The secret to a better CX: an improved agent experience, we’ll discuss 4 common challenges that customer service agents face and 4 strategies to empower agents to work better.

4 challenges customer service agents face:

  1. The omnichannel customer service experience creates silos

  2. Customer service processes are often inefficient

  3. Agent workspaces are inflexible

  4. Customer service data is fragmented

How to empower agents to work better:

  • Unify conversations across channels

  • Enable collaboration

  • Create custom workspaces based on context

  • Prioritize customer centricity

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