Capturing expertise in knowledge base systems

What are knowledge base systems?

Knowledge base systems are software applications that summarize and store large amounts of information in a database for efficient access. Internal users and external customers can search through knowledge base content for articles and other resources.

Zendesk includes knowledge base software designed to improve self service and empower agents by providing anywhere-access to needed articles.

Knowledge base technology is different

Smart companies store a wide variety of information in their knowledge base: articles, procedures, rules, databases, applications and even software. As opposed to simple online folders, the knowledge base is designed not only for full availability over the internet but also for easy search across many subject areas.

Links among articles in the database make it easy to view and connect different types of knowledge anywhere in the entire system. A well-planned knowledge base contains enough material to satisfy both the casual customer and the dedicated user.

The benefits of knowledge base systems

It's a big advantage to have all your institutional knowledge in a single database accessible from anywhere on the internet.

Investing the time and money in the technology behind a knowledge base system often leads companies into the area of knowledge management. That usually involves much more code, expert systems and artificial intelligence than creating an ordinary knowledge base. But an evolved knowledge base system can make predictions, infer new information or highlight inconsistencies among existing articles.

Always time for information

The always-on nature of the knowledge base means that you can provide your customers and users with the information they want - down to the individual article - when they want it.

Well-rounded management systems for knowledge technology include rules on who may access which resources. Most knowledge base software applications include procedures to ensure articles are accessed only by users with permission.

Cómo ayuda Zendesk

Zendesk is a smart knowledge base that helps you organize your institutional knowledge and put it to work as useful content in the format of a searchable database. Quickly create and tailor a help center to your specific needs.

Provide your customers with improved self-service and your agents with greater efficiency and faster resolution. Zendesk knowledge base integrates seamlessly with Zendesk ticketing system..

Create and post a single version of your content. Your customers and users can view it anywhere on the internet, regardless of their device. Zendesk automatically optimizes your articles so they’re easy to find on search engines or in your own help center.