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Transforming customer service: The impact of AI

Check out the highlights from an Economist Impact event featuring leaders from Zendesk, Mastercard, Forrester Research, and McKinsey discussing how AI is evolving customer service.

Last updated October 24, 2023

Artificial intelligence is transforming customer service by taking on simple, repetitive tasks and freeing up human agents for higher value work. Generative AI promises to push this transformation even further, with early iterations offering huge opportunities for customer-facing enterprises. But these technologies also carry risks.

To explore how advances in technology will and already are changing the way that customers interact with businesses, Economist Impact convened a roundtable discussion, sponsored by Zendesk on “Transforming customer service: the impact of AI.” Moderated by Guy Scriven, United States technology editor at the Economist, the session featured the following speakers:

  • Adrian McDermott, chief technology officer, Zendesk
  • Mohamed Abdelsadek, executive vice-president of data, insights and analytics,
  • Kate Leggett, vice-president and principal analyst, Forrester Research
  • Jessica Moulton, senior partner, McKinsey

Read the top takeaways from the discussion here or view the on-demand webinar now.