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Customer experience is more important than advertising (Infographic)

Last updated July 5, 2011

Even if Don Draper himself fleshed out your latest ad campaign, nothing can replace the incredible value of providing customers with the best possible customer experience. Think about it, if you went the fanciest restaurant in town and everyone treated you poorly, would you go back?

With peer-to-peer reviews carrying even more weight thanks to the power of Facebook, Twitter, and the barrage of other social media channels rising in popularity at breakneck speed, it’s never been more important to invest in customer service. Because, hey, bad news travels fast. It’s one of the reasons why we recently introduced our Customer Satisfaction Ratings feature, so organizations have a proper tool for measuring how happy their customers are with their customer support (and taking the appropriate corrective actions ASAP when required).

Still unconvinced? The infographic below might change your mind:

Importance of Customer Experience

Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog