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Helping HR create strong relationships

Última actualización el September 21, 2021

First, let’s start with the idea that customer service best practices benefit all interactions, whether they happen between you and your customers or you and your colleagues.

Good customer service applies to any department, and it encourages the kind of interactions that help create strong relationships. Relationships which create real, lasting value.

When an employee contacts HR, they want to be treated in a helpful, quick, and authentic way. They want to feel cared about, to be recognizable to the company as an important individual contributor. Plus, interactions with HR are sensitive. An HR department should have easy, reliable, and safe access to the information needed to assist everyone in an organization, and encourage positive connections.

So, make it easier. By using the same software solution for HR as support, it’s easier for employees to interact, collaborate, and experience transparency. It’s this kind of personalization and connectedness that enables strong relationships to form throughout an organization.

A software solution should have the ability to evolve as an organization’s needs evolve. By extending the same system to HR (and other departments as a company grows), employees are able to interact with one another with the same immediacy and consistency as with customers outside the company walls.

Empowering HR teams to work smarter

  1. Centralize communication – Consolidate and track all related communication for a project or request within one ticket.
  2. Create processes – Build unique, repeatable, and scalable processes so that everyone understands expectations, responsibilities, and the current status of projects.
  3. Enable self-service – Empower employees to search and access information on their own from your Help Center instead of needing to reach out with repetitive questions.

How a customer service software solution can help HR

  • Simplify new hire process
    Use customer service software to streamline new employee onboarding to ensure new employees start on day 1 with everything they need to be successful. Establish workflows to automate and manage key onboarding steps such as distributing critical forms and tracking their completion, communicating company wide policies and benefits information, and coordinating with IT and Facilities.
  • Share information easily
    Easily maintain and distribute company-wide information, communication, and policies using a password-protected Help Center so employees can always find the most up to date information on their own. This knowledge base helps organize and share important HR information (vacation policies, company guidelines, expense policies, benefit information, org charts), which can also be filtered automatically by geography and role.
  • Understand employee sentiment
    Keep a pulse on employee sentiment with proactive outreach and surveys. Send surveys to manage retention by identifying areas for improvement, and keep productivity high by taking the pulse of employees and find out how they’re feeling.
  • Increase efficiencies
    Organize and manage one-off requests by consolidating all individual requests with ticket management, form fields, and tags to make sure questions get into the right hands and receive timely responses.

A beautifully simple, customizable, and agile communication and workflow management platform will enable its users to do their jobs better. For HR teams, this means empowering your company’s greatest assets—your people—and those who help them to interact with confidence.

Building better relationships with customers and colleagues in a way that is meaningful, personal, and productive—that’s what great customer service is all about.

Our Spotlight discussion series: How Zendesk uses Zendesk is a great place to find out more about how we use Zendesk here at Zendesk.

And if you want to learn more about Zendesk for HR, check out UTi’s customer story!

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