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We’re putting a spotlight on our brand new cast of app integrations. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

PagerDuty (Support)

PagerDuty’s real-time operations platform increases reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction by routing and escalating critical issues to the proper teams. As the acknowledgment, research, and resolution process is happening, your customer-facing teams can stay up to date with the PagerDuty integration and provide timely updates to customers. Getting notified when tickets are created is critical for many organizations. With this integration, you can now use PagerDuty’s rich scheduling and notification capabilities to ensure your team is responsive in resolving issues for your customers. Now, that’s nice.

Recurly for Support and Chat (Support) (Chat)

Recurly for Support and Recurly for Chat offer the most flexible enterprise-class subscription management platform. Zendesk for Recurly helps you save time, optimize your revenue, and provide great service to your customers. Now, you don’t have to switch to separate tabs or systems to get a full view of the subscription details of your customers. Your omnichannel view brings you the complete picture⁠—what level of subscriber, for how long, and how valuable—all from a Zendesk Support ticket or Chat. Know instantly which levels of support different customers should receive. Spend your time and resources appropriately. Provide better customer service by answering questions and handling requests more quickly. Nuff said.

Splashtop (Support)

Splashtop is remote support made simple. Splashtop now integrates with Zendesk to enable your technicians to remotely support users using the Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) service. With this integration, you can easily initiate a remote desktop connection to your users’ computers to provide support directly within Zendesk tickets. It only takes a few clicks to start a session. After the support case ends, a record of the remote session is automatically inserted into the ticket. Even better? Your users don’t need any software pre-installed for all this to work. Whoa.

Jive (Support)

Jive Hosted VoIP is the easiest and most affordable option for your business’ phone system. Jive’s cloud VoIP service helps thousands of organizations simplify how they manage their phone and conferencing setup. Assist your agents and dazzle your customers by providing context to every interaction with Zendesk and Jive. With our integration, your team will be equipped to personalize your customer service experience, and take your sales team to the next level. As calls come in from customers and potential customers, Jive streamlines your workflow by providing call notifications for incoming calls, populating the customer’s or lead’s Zendesk record for context, and creating notes and schedule follow-ups.

Additional apps added in September and October:

agnoStack Commerce – by Particular. (Support) makes it possible to view Order Information from your eCommerce Store directly within the interface of Zendesk Support. Allow agents to quickly view customer order history based on the User or Ticket Requester’s email address. Get a basic overview of order history, including the total as well as default shipping information, for the Customer’s account.

Sitejabber (Support) is the leading and most trusted consumer-facing business review platform in the world. Create a support ticket whenever a new review is submitted about your business. Make sure all reviews and all customer issues are addressed quickly by a member of your support team.

Macro Assistant (Support) gives your agents the gift of time. Create sample macro’s and let agents select values, instead of manually searching for words they need to replace, simply by navigating them through a wizard form. Abracadabra.

Bamzoogle (Support) is a checklist manager that helps teams and businesses document and manage their recurring process. Bamzoogle adds workflows to Zendesk. Its checklists, cards, and built-in calendar enable organizations to list process tasks in a form of checklists, assign them to a team, and schedule them using a simple but powerful scheduler.

Traitly (Support) enables your customer-facing teams to search across all your knowledge platforms directly from the Zendesk ticket view. Search and preview past Zendesk tickets and articles, Jira issues, past Slack conversations, Google Drive and Confluence docs, and more.

Zoho Projects (Support) lets you plan your projects, assign work, manage resources, and collaborate better with your team. Push Zendesk tickets as a task into a project in Zoho Projects with the click of a button and view details about the status from Zendesk so your team can stay apprised of the status of the work.

Zoho BugTracker (Support) is an online bug tracking software that helps you organize and resolve issues in your projects. Easily escalate a Zendesk ticket into Zoho BugTracker with the click of a button. See updates as they happen from the ticket sidebar.

Content Macro Edit (Support) helps you save time when updating your Macros and Dynamic Content. Update multiple Macros and Dynamics Content pieces at once, as well as the statuses and who they are assigned too.

Knowledge Capture Actions (Support) enables you to link actions to knowledge base articles from Zendesk Guide to be pre-formed when included in an internal or external comment of your ticket. Add labels to the knowledgebase article to function as a trigger and to specify which action to perform.

Unique Ticket Field (Support) helps you to prevent double records of warranty claims andsend out voucher codes to multiple people. Block or only notify agents of double values. Specify the field which needs to be used for the validation.

Knowledge Share (Support) enables your agents to search and link public articles from an external Help Center. Your agent can leverage the knowledge of your business partner or vendor who is also using Zendesk without leaving the ticket. Insert links to relevant Help Center articles in ticket comments based on knowledge in an external Help Center.

Campfire (Support) is the quickest way to ask a fellow agent to take a look at the ticket you are currently working on. No more calling out ticket numbers to colleagues or sending links via internal chat⁠—just start a campfire and request a specific person to join.

Attachment Manager (Support) is a collection of apps that allows you to work with and manage ticket attachments. It combines Attachment Library, Attachment Restriction, Attachment Tagger, (formerly Attachment Finder) and the Redact Attachments App. Attachment Manager combines the functionality of these apps into one sidebar experience.

Project Insight (Support) is the ideal work management platform that efficiently bridges the gap between Sales, Support, and Finance, resulting in better customer experiences and more growth opportunities. Easily create, update, and organize work in one place. Collaborate with people in and out of your organization.

Customer 360 (Chat) brings valuable customer data from your backend and third-party systems into Zendesk chat. With Customer 360, you can embed your existing dashboards to display relevant customer data for each chat, automatically look up the customer base on Email, User Id, or custom fields, and even create buttons that link to your admin tools or third-party system.

Copper by Maxihost (Support) helps you connect Zendesk, with popular CRM Copper. With Copper, you can manage sales, customer relationships, and get email tracking inside Gmail. The Copper by Maxihost integration lets you view and add people to your Copper account while working on Zendesk Support tickets.

Folio3 NetSuite Zendesk Connector (Support) provides completely seamless integration between your NetSuite back office and Zendesk. This turn-key solution provides end-to-end visibility of your customers and builds a seamless infrastructure for your online business.

Random Tagging Pro and Random Tagging Lite (Support) allows you to set tags randomly when a ticket solves andoptionally define the success rate for each group. This works great if you’re looking to randomize surveys or want to set up triggers to action to a random set of participants.

LinkedIn Channel for Zendesk by AssureSoft (Support) allows you to connect your LinkedIn Company Page or Showcase to your Zendesk Support domain and helps you manage LinkedIn posts into your Zendesk workflow.

Document360 (Support) helps you create user-friendly documentation, author in Markdown, and manage multiple versions. With the handy app, you can search through the knowledge base, link the articles, or create them from your current reply.

Ticket Field Magic (Support) offers a complete solution in ticket field configuration⁠— no more separate apps for require on submit or hide ticket fields. Ticket Field Magic is the first app that combines it all and adds the feature to disable (grayed out) ticket fields.

WorkRamp (Support) is a powerful training software that helps employees reach their full potential. The WorkRamp app for Zendesk allows you to search all your WorkRamp content from any tab in Chrome. Search directly for the right resources and stay focused on the task at hand.

To view the full cast of apps that have been released, follow our weekly release notes.

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