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Experience the future of Zendesk AI at Relate

Zendesk Relate, our annual flagship conference, returns this May to San Francisco—and everywhere with a WiFi connection. Please join us for our largest and most important event of the year.

Last updated May 17, 2023

Designing the best customer experiences and providing customer service is a day-in and day-out job. Building relationships, practicing patience, righting a wrong, and figuring out how to streamline operations all represent the hard work that our customers do again and again with their customers. (This remains true with the advent of ChatGPT and generative AI.) That’s because CX is a well-honed practice, and the more we practice the better we get — using all the tools at our service.

That said, practice can also be aided by a little expert advice, a dose or two of inspiration, and by real-life success stories. We hope you’ll join us in carving out a little of your time to reset and refresh at our annual conference, Zendesk Relate, where we’ll take a look at the future of CX and share some big, exciting news about Zendesk AI. You may have caught our announcement about our new OpenAI integration.

Needless to say, we’re excited.

If you’re in San Francisco, you can join us in the historic Dogpatch neighborhood for a full day of programming and keynotes from our CEO Tom Eggemeier, CTO Adrian McDermott, and a host of product experts. We’ll also talk customer obsession and later will be joined by Bozoma Saint John, named Forbes Most Influential CMO, Author, and Entrepreneur, for an inspiring close.

The opening keynote will be broadcast five times over the course of 24 hours to connect with our global community. Register and tune in to learn more about our company vision, take a longer view of the future of CX, and get insight into our product roadmap.

More reasons to attend

We kind of hoped that was enough to convince you, but if not … here are three more reasons to join us for our flagship keynote.

  1. Gain confidence in the future

    Our event will build your motivation to do the very best by, and for, your customers. We’re sharing the big vision (like: What is intelligent CX?) and the nitty-gritty around how to provide it and refine the agent experience at the same time.

  2. Space to strategize and learn from the best

    A lot can be accomplished in 90 minutes. Take some time out of the daily hustle to reflect and aspire. Our experts and customer speakers are passionate and will provide knowledge that’s practical and can be applied right away.

  3. Connect with your people

    Customer service gets lonely. But Zendesk Relate can’s a rare place for industry thinkers and doers to bond. Our live event will be hosted by our Director of Community, Nicole Saunders, and if you haven’t met her or can’t attend in person, consider heading over to the Zendesk Community or joining a user group to connect the good new-fashioned way, online.

Experience the future of Zendesk AI

Catch the highlights from Relate 2023, our global flagship conference, to learn more.

Experience the future of Zendesk AI

Catch the highlights from Relate 2023, our global flagship conference, to learn more.

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