Bright Ideas: Retail Customer Stories

Zendesk retail customer stories ebook

What's in store for the future of commerce?

Transaction-based sales models have given way to a host of new models including subscription, loyalty-based, and buy-one-give-one models. The old guard, as well as a new generation of retailers, are building relationships with their customers and creating consistent brand experiences that earn buyer loyalty and cultivate community. Consider Rapha's cycle clubs, located around the globe—a literal reflection of a brand-based community.

In this ebook, you'll get a view into how six retailers have used Zendesk in innovative ways to create simple, seamless customer experiences.

You'll learn how:

  • Rapha provides a consistent and connected experience across channels and geographies
  • The Cotton On Group seamlessly supports multiple brands through a single instance of Zendesk
  • Deckers Brands harnessed native functionality within Zendesk to build out their "Click and Collect" use case
  • Everlane provides real-time support using Facebook Messenger and Zendesk Live Chat
  • L’Oréal uses Zendesk to communicate with employees and track and handle internal issues at their distribution center in Germany
  • Lazada Group scaled support by leaning heavily on triggers and automations within Zendesk

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