Instant messaging software

In this article, we present the features and criteria for choosing instant messaging software after discussing the Zendesk instant messaging tool.

Last updated September 12, 2023

Opting for the integration of instant messaging software among the tools for managing the relationship with your customers can be decisive. There are many software on the market that allow companies to chat and exchange with their customers by answering their questions directly. This tool is a key asset in customer relationship management and lead conversion.

Zendesk offers several features:

Manage all customer conversations from a single inbox. Stay connected on any channel. All you need to do is add messaging and live chat to your website or mobile app.
This will allow you to be reachable by your customers on various channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram DMs and Apple Business Chat.

Automate 24/7 support with the Flow Builder tool, which allows you to design personalized conversation flows that can meet the specific needs of your customers.

Improve your efficiency with live chat analytics. You can track agent metrics to see the impact of wait times and missed live chats. It is also possible to keep track of all past chat conversations. This allows you to anticipate customer needs, increase satisfaction and improve agent efficiency.

Another huge benefit is that Zendesk presents all of your customer interactions in a single view for agents. Customers can switch channels seamlessly and have all the context they need to personalize interactions at scale.

What is instant messaging software?

Instant messaging is a technology that allows dialogue and the exchange of files (text, documents, photos, videos) in real time. Also known as Live Chat or “Live Chat” in English, this new, faster and more spontaneous means of communication is an alternative to emails and telephone communications for professionals. In order to have this technology, it is necessary to integrate in its systems an instant messaging software like Zendesk.

This type of professional software works like the free Facebook messenger and WhatsApp applications. Their use requires an internet connection, a user account and of course a mobile, tablet or computer. For a company that already has an information system, the integration of instant messaging software does not pose any problem since this type of software is interoperable with the applications present in the system.

Instant messaging software is generally integrated into the company’s website via a plugin. Thus, any visitor wishing to contact customer service can, through a chat window, write to chat live with a member of the customer service team.

Determine your instant messaging staffing requirements

Instant messaging is an awesome way to provide fast and convenient customer support, but your service team can quickly become overwhelmed when they are bombarded with high-volume support tickets. Use the Zendesk staffing calculator to help you operationalize instant messaging and determine your staffing needs.


Weekly utilized hours for a full-time agent:


Total utilized hours (weekly):


Estimated full-time agents needed:


Average handle time calculator

Solves per hour:


Average handle time:


Disclaimer: The above formula should be used as a guide—it shouldn’t replace a typical workforce management staffing calculator. Teams will also need to consider factors such as breaks for agents, multiple shifts, and different customer requirements.

Features of instant messaging software

Most instant messaging software facilitates dialogue between the Internet user and the company. Thus, several features are added to the sending of written messages to improve the customer experience:

  • Conference (discussion with several interlocutors), Videoconference, screen sharing.
  • Exchanges of audio, video, photos, gifs, emoticons…
  • Sending word, pdf, excel files… by downloading or via drag & drop.
  • Audio or video calls
  • Single mailbox for receiving messages from different sources.
  • Status displayed (busy, online…)
  • Viewing chat history
  • Archiving…

How to choose your instant messaging software?

In order to make the right choice of instant messaging software, a business should consider the following:

Ease of installation and use: You have to think about the impact of integrating the software on your tools and your teams. Thus, it is necessary to favor solutions compatible with the applications used by the company, available as a plug-in and whose handling does not require long hours of training.

The relevant features: By comparing the different instant messaging software, it is necessary to identify the features that allow the company to offer a better experience to the customer and those deemed to be fanciful or even harmful (slowdown of the system)

Secure messages: The software must allow you to ensure the security of your customers’ data and those of your company

Used and reputable software: Special attention should be paid to the popularity of the software to be chosen. A tool that enjoys a good opinion among potential customers will facilitate contact.