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Customer service starter pack: five resources for managing a stellar support team

Última actualización el September 13, 2021

No one said managing a customer service team was easy. In fact, it’s a huge challenge that changes daily with the introduction of new channels, team members, and business goals.

At Relate Education, we try to help make customer service a bit more manageable. Through guides, videos, and articles, we collect knowledge from customer service leaders and deliver it right to you. Check out Relate Education or get a taste for the content in these five resource below:

Start strong: recruit the best advocates
As you prepare to build CS team, there are certain questions to answer: what kind of people to look for, what essential skills they need, reviewing their resumes, updated versions of the interview questions This guide on how to recruit and hire customer service representatives will point you in the right direction.

Be a magnificent manager
Time and time again, we see that the key to happy customers is a happy support team. Although each team is different there are basic tactics any manager can follow to lead teams to success. In this guide on how to manage your customer service team, you will find advice about engaging and empowering staff and how to practice organizational transparency.

Engage your employees
In this video from Relate Live NYC, you’ll learn about the parallel tracks between agent and customer satisfaction. Support leaders from Shopify, Zendesk, UncommonGoods, Mediaocean talk about the strategies they’ve used to engage their employees and the importance of focusing on agent satisfaction as much as customer satisfaction.

Scale to multiple service channels
People like to receive help on lots of different channels—not just email or phone. This guide talks about managing multiple channels simultaneously. What you need to think about when adding a new channel: how it will affect ticket volume, staffing, and customer satisfaction.

Embrace emerging channels
Live chat is emerging as one of the most popular channels among customers. This guide on providing proactive chat support explains the value of rolling out chat (customers like it, great CSAT, good ROI), best practices for interacting with customers, and then how to use live chat to provide proactive support.

Relate and Relate Education are part of Zendesk. They exist to help you explore and hopefully improve your professional and customer relationships. Learn more here.

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