The keys to successful customer service data migration

The keys to successful customer service data migration

September 2, 2014
The keys to successful customer service data migration

A data migration project is no small task (understatement alert!). When you’re changing from one customer service system to another, it takes quite a bit of effort to ensure the process of moving your data over goes smoothly. Like with many large, complicated projects, up-front planning and preparation are the keys to success.

But where to start? Begin by taking a bird’s eye view of your data and who relies on it. Where do the inputs come from? Where do the outputs go? Are your colleagues receiving auto-generated reports? Are other systems working with the data coming from your help desk?

Once you have the big picture in view, take a deep dive. Look closely at the health of your existing data and how it should map to the fields within the new system. The right time to spring clean your data, your reporting requirements and your processes, is before you come to the actual migration, not after.

For help mapping out your migration strategy, read our guide: How to migrate your help desk data

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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