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February integrations are here

By Eric Shen, Marketplace Operations Manager

Last updated September 20, 2021

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your agents provide great customer experiences.

eZSign DocuSign

eZSign DocuSign for Support and Sell directly integrates your DocuSign account into Zendesk Support or Sell environments to create and view documents without leaving the platform. Send envelopes directly and collect electronic signatures in a few minutes with this integration. Send envelopes directly from the deal or ticket in your Zendesk account by uploading documents you have (no prior configuration on Docusign is required) or using templates. Templates fields can be automatically filled with data saved in the deal/ticket.


Mapsly (Sell) plots your CRM records on the map based on their locations, which can be an address or GPS coordinates. Slice your map points into sub-layers based on certain criteria: build a formula or have Mapsly auto-generate layers based on unique values of a field, like Company type. “Clean” and geocode addresses in Zendesk Sell. Mapsly can automatically correct errors in addresses in your Zendesk Sell records, fill in missing parts like zip codes and counties, and geocode them into coordinates – right in Zendesk Sell.


Pathlight (Support) is the first end-to-end Realtime Performance Management platform; a single integrated operating system for the job that we all do. Pathlight combines real-time data analysis, communication, coaching, and much more, in a product specifically designed to be adopted by the front lines. Pathlight syncs and summarizes all your data, so you don’t have to, and enables leaders and managers to communicate to dozens or hundreds of agents in one click. Send mission-critical process announcements or one-on-one coaching and know that it is being read, acknowledged, and logged in one place. Keep everyone on the same page easier and faster than ever before.

Squarespace by Zenplates

Squarespace by Zenplates (Support) allows you to view customer, order, and line item information from your Squarespace store within the Zendesk Support ticket sidebar. Eliminate context switching and allow your agents to provide a better support experience to your customers. View all orders from the last 30 days, orders associated with the current ticket requester, orders by search term, and more with this handy app.

Additional Apps added this year:

SweetHawk Super Suite (Support) is an offering of all of Sweethawk’s apps (Approvals, Tasks, CAlendar, Survey, Recurring Tickets, Deadline, Notify and Reminders) for a single, low price of $10 per agent per month.

WeSupply (Support) provides your team access to the latest shipment status of your customers’ packages, related returns and order information, and turn occasional shoppers into loyal, repeat customers.

3CX (Support) provides integration with Zendesk via the 3CX API for CRM. Inbound calls from external numbers trigger a contact lookup in Zendesk and calls are logged as tickets in Zendesk. Create a new contact automatically when a call is received from an unknown number.

PandaDoc (Sell) lets you create, send, and track documents – directly within Zendesk Sell. Create proposals, quotes, contracts and invoices from leads, companies, people or deals – plus, collect legally binding electronic signatures.

Userback (Support) lets your customers give you visual feedback on any web page and automatically create Zendesk tickets with annotated screenshots, videos, browser information and more.

Synchronized by Synolia (Support) automatically synchronizes ticket fields information on the end-user record. The ticket information selected to be synchronized are immediately displayed on the end-user side bar after the ticket submission through the form or the web widget. (Sell) for Sell allows you to connect Zendesk Sell with 200+ web apps easily and automate repetitive tasks using a drag and drop interface – no coding required. Connect Zendesk Sell with Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Mailchimp, Gmail and more.

Skylight (Support) is the agent application for Lifesize’s CXEngage platform. Skylight embeds omnichannel interaction and routing capabilities directly into Zendesk to provide agents a single workspace for supporting customer interactions.

Stripe by Zenplates (Support) allows your agents to view and manage customers, subscriptions, payments and invoices from within Zendesk Support. The app will present the customer associated with the ticket by default, and additional details like refund amounts and Stripe IDs are available through tooltips.

Vidbix (Support) lets the customer support team request a screen recording from your customers. It’s a simple link to a guided process that ends up posting the video in the Zendesk Support ticket.

Zonka Feedback (Support) is the fastest way to collect real-time customer feedback with CSAT, CES and NPS Surveys. Trigger email surveys after a ticket is updated or solved, send survey questions in every email or trigger sent via Zendesk, create Zendesk tickets based on survey responses and more.

Cohere (Support) (Chat) is a support and onboarding tool that gives you a real-time view of what your users are doing on your site. Cohere’s app for Zendesk allows you to see all of your ticket/chat requesters’ active sessions on your website in the sidebar of your Zendesk dashboard. by Eligeo (Sell) is an add-on that gives you direct visibility into your boards and items from your Leads, Contacts, Companies and Deals views. You can use the integration to easily connect Leads between and Zendesk Sell.

Tag Suggestions (Support) uses your Zendesk data to suggest tags to add to your tickets. The application uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand your tickets and match them to similar tags that you have been using in your Zendesk instance.

Loris CX Software (Support) (Chat) uses machine learning to leverage empathy insights that make agents more human, not less. Loris analyzes and provides insights on every message.

Shopify Macros (Support) lets you use Shopify variables in your help desk messages and responses. Reference things like order number, order status, total paid, customer info (e-mail, phone, etc.), any line item info and more from within your ticket replies and macros.

Magento 2 by Zenplates (Support) allows you to view customer and order details from your Magento 2 store(s) in Zendesk Support.

Asana from Premium Plus (Support) allows you to escalate tickets to Asana. You can create tasks, link them to a specific project or assign the ticket to a colleague. When adding a task you can add a due date and add yourself as a follower.

Instant CRM Extensions (Support) is a tool that automates the integration between the Instant omnichannel communication platform and the Zendesk CRM for automatic ticket creation and ticket assignment for inbound and outbound calls.

Svensk Bankidentifikation (Support) gives you the opportunity to communicate safely and securely with your customers with the help of BankID. The service includes its own BankID certificate, which means that your company name is displayed in the BankID app when the customer identifies himself.

Auto Merge (Support) automatically merges tickets from the same requester. Specify a window of time for auto merging, select ticket fields that must match, and restrict to only certain groups and statuses.

DeepL Translate (Support) provides instant, accurate and secure translation of your tickets. DeepL for Zendesk allows your team to instantly read incoming messages from around the world, and communicate with your customers in their own language.

My Tickets (Support) app restricts agents from being able to assign tickets to themselves manually in the Support agent user interface if the agent already has “Open” tickets assigned to them.

Email Template Builder (Support) offers you 4 modern templates and an interface to customize your outbound emails to your liking in a similar fashion to how you can customize your Help Center theme.

Marketplace Channels (Support) lets all the messages sent by your customers on different marketplaces like BHV, Darty, Fnac, or Galeries Lafayette will arrive directly to your Zendesk instance.

Reassign & Sign Out (Support) enables agents to reassign all tickets assigned to them upon signing out from Zendesk.

Reply-to-email selector (Support) lets your agents can choose which email is better to use with every ticket comment. Furthermore, admins can set up rules that automatically map groups to support emails.

Polymer DLP VCO (Support) identifies sensitive data in mid-transfer and encodes that data to prevent unauthorized accounts from ever seeing protected information.

AimHappy Lite (Support) helps you detect the happiness of your customer tickets using AimHappy Lite’s sentiment analysis tools. Observe the happiness of your customers over time with the sidebar graph. See a dashboard view of the sentiment of recent and unanswered tickets.

Instant CRM Click2Dial (Sell) is a tool that automates the registration of outbound calls from Zendesk Sell through Instant’s multichannel service platform. Automatically add comments to the a profile with the call’s audio recording, and also add the Zendesk Sell customer’s code to Instant calls reports.

Nightfall DLP (Support) (Chat) scans your Zendesk instance for sensitive information – PII, PHI, credit card numbers & more that may proliferate in customer communications. Monitor security risks and ensure compliance with regulatory regimes like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Field Conditions (Support) lets you choose which fields to hide but you can add powerful exceptions based on the role(s) or group the agent is a member of or based on the value of another ticket field.

Intalayer (Support) can quickly identify whether your agents’ current customer conversation in Zendesk matches tickets already in your Product team’s Jira backlog. New conversations and existing tickets can be linked together, helping Support and Product see an accurate volume count of related issues and inform backlog priority.

New themes added in February:

Stockholm is a clean multi-template with a 3d infographics. Applicable to a wide range of industries

Paris is a gently styled multi-theme including several standard layouts. Good for industries focused on more tender end-users.

Capetown is a beautiful theme for the travel-minded person.

Gotham is a minimalist dark multi-theme with a number of layouts within one template.

Rosetta is a beautiful and highly customizable theme for Zendesk Guide. It is designed to serve as a solid foundation on which to build an amazing knowledge base for your customers.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.