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No sweat, new integrations are in

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these new integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Por Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Última actualización el July 28, 2022

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


Klaviyo (Support) is a unified customer platform that gives your online brand direct ownership of your consumer data and interactions, empowering you to turn transactions with customers into productive long-term relationships—at scale—across all your channels (email, SMS, social, web, push). With Klaviyo, it’s easy to talk to every customer like you know them, and grow your business—on your own terms. Exclude users with open tickets from certain flows and campaigns, so your company doesn’t risk seeming out of touch by sending promotional emails or SMS to those with pending issues. Respond to SMS inquiries directly from Zendesk. Build targeted segments with all your data in Klaviyo, including ticket information from Zendesk.

Loop Returns

Loop Returns (Support) is the post-purchase platform that enables Shopify’s biggest brands–such as Allbirds, FIGS, Princess Polly, and Chubbies–to transform returns into exchanges. Loop helps over 1,200 brands increase customer loyalty, retain more revenue, and lower reverse logistics costs. Loop’s integration with Zendesk brings our powerful returns and exchanges data directly into your Zendesk platform. With the post purchase experience mapped to your contact information, your support team now has a customer’s complete journey in a single click. View data like the date a return was submitted, the status of the return, shipping data, items returned, and more.


Attentive (Support) is the leader in conversational commerce, reinventing business-to-consumer communication. Their SMS-first software platform helps everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises strengthen relationships with their consumers in a new way. Scale your list of SMS and email subscribers more effectively than any other solution using Attentive’s list growth tools. Respond to questions from SMS subscribers via SMS–directly from Zendesk. Attentive can automatically forward all questions, or those related to a specific keyword, to your customer support team queue.

Voximplant Kit

Voximplant Kit (Support) is a no-code, easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center with intelligent automation. You can now add omnichannel capabilities of Voximplant Kit directly in Zendesk to provide agents with all the information they need to deliver engaging customer experiences. Agents can make and receive calls, log call data, and add context to Zendesk tickets. Set up automated tasks triggered by contact center events, such as ticket creation or contact updates to improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the integration enabled, when clicking a contact’s Zendesk badge in Kit Softphone, it automatically opens the associated contact in Zendesk. It saves you time, increases your efficiency, and helps you prove the highest level of customer service.

Additional apps added in July

  • commercetools by agnoStack (Support) makes it possible to view and manage order data from your commercetools store. Allow agents to instantly view a customer’s order history as soon as they open a ticket. Get basic order details–as well as order line items, real-time shipping updates, and payment transactions. Your agents can perform incredibly fast, real-time searching, sorting, and/or filtering to rapidly locate the specific order a customer needs support with and more.
  • Sunshine Asset Management for Sell (Sell) helps you expand your data models in Zendesk with Custom Objects. Add products, subscriptions, devices, systems, or items to your Contacts. See what your Contacts have bought from you, or what they own, so you can offer contextualized answers for their support requests.
  • Jet e-Commerce by InFocusCX (Support) gathers all customer and order data from Jet e-Commerce on a Zendesk ticket. Resolve customer issues quickly with access to relevant Jet order data, such as order status, delivery status, delivery data, payment data, purchased items, and more.
  • Screenshot Automation (Support) helps you automate and scale screenshot management. KB Automate is a no-code solution that tracks your help center articles, compares help center screenshots against your app, and notifies you when screenshots are out-of-date. There’s even an option to automagically update articles with the new screenshot.
  • DronaHQ (Support) is a low code platform to build internal tools and custom apps for web and mobile. The ready DronaHQ Zendesk integration allows you to create internal tool use cases that may require you to get tickets, get user profiles, create new tickers, find tickers, add custom comments to tickets, and get groups from Zendesk.
  • (Support) is a better way to collect customer feedback. Capture, organize, and announce product feedback in one place. As a customer support rep, you can now search through feedback in and add ideas on behalf of the person you are talking to. No need to leave Zendesk.
  • Easy Call (Support) is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to create a call center–for customer support, sales, or any other objective. EasyCall’s revolutionary call widget allows customers to call you without having to type in your phone number or switch to different apps without interrupting the purchase flow, making it much easier to get phone orders.
  • Onepilot (Support) empowers e-merchants with a fully flexible solution to handle all or part of their customer support. Onepilot platform offers agents simplified access to knowledge, driven by AI, and a unified work environment with popular tools integrations allowing agents to perform refunds, track orders, and other tasks in a few clicks. Follow and apply quality check on tickets done by Onepilot.
  • Nummerplade opslag af Proventic (Support) can automatically look up a Danish number plate/license plate written in the ticket conversation and display the car information in the ticket sidebar.
  • Pro Backup (Support) helps you get daily, automated backups of your Zendesk account. Businesses rely increasingly on cloud applications such as Zendesk to manage their work, making them a primary risk. Pro Backup protects your business by backing up your Zendesk tickets and offering advanced restore capabilities.

New themes added in July

Sideways (SPA) offers a completely new approach, providing the first and only one Single Page Application Theme. Never wait for the page again. Go fullscreen with a collapsible menu. Your theme will be ready with only five configuration clicks.

Surabaya comes with a sidebar navigation menu displaying all categories, sections, sub-sections, and articles. On the homepage, it also features up to six custom blocks, video blocks, etc. This theme is ideal if you have numerous categories, sections, or articles.

Ridge is a perfect balance between style and performance. The theme comes with a large parallax image at the back of a floating search box at the center of it all. It has a stunning full-screen layout with beautiful blocks and interactive design elements, which generate an airy and elegant feeling in the help center.

Newspaper provides your Help Center with a stunning design and streamlined navigation. The Newspaper theme focuses on subscription services for media publications, inspired by the top names in the press world, like The New York Times.

Viridian is based on the latest design trends and goes through rigorous testing. All elements look and behave consistently, no matter what device you use. It is fully responsive, versatile, and multipurpose. It offers color highlights and a clean look.

Odense is a user-friendly interface, topped off with modern design and easy-to-use features, such as a visible header, sidebar navigation, categories with customizable icons, and Prev/Next buttons.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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