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Spring into action with new integrations

Spring is here–along with new Zendesk app integrations. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Por Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Última actualización el March 31, 2023

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.

Zendesk for Google Chat

Zendesk for Google Chat (Support) allows you to get notified and take quick actions on Zendesk tickets right from Google Chat. By installing this app and connecting to your Zendesk account, you can get notifications about relevant Zendesk tickets, take quick actions to update tickets, and even create new tickets without leaving Google Chat.

Caffeinated CX

Caffeinated CX (Support) is a powerful tool designed to streamline and automate support processes for customer service representatives, saving them valuable time and effort. Utilize cutting-edge AI technology to craft stunning, accurate, and professional responses to queries. Draft a response from scratch with complete understanding of the thread and ticket and ensure that each response is tailored to the customer’s needs. Transform a few words into a polished, professional reply–making it easy to respond to a wide range of customer inquiries. Chat Chat (Messaging) is the Gartner-Leading conversational AI for exceptional customer self-service. Bring intelligent Virtual Assistant automation to Zendesk Sunshine Conversations and Messaging. Assign the Intelligent Virtual Assistant to converse with your customers for common and repetitive requirements and free up agents for more critical, high-value requests. Upon request, Agent Transfer will transfer the customer from the Virtual Assistant to the human agent. A low code/no code platform allows for visual bot design flow and testing without developer training. Test and train Virtual Assistants to interpret diverse human expressions, including a deterministic (Fundamental Meaning) model and a probabilistic (Machine Learning) model that you can use either separately or together.


Shelf Answer Assist for Support and Chat (Support) (Chat) are products designed and developed to help various contact centers and other internal departments quickly and reliably address customer issues. Answer Assist works as an on-demand and interactive reference guide where agents can quickly access the information and content created by knowledge managers needed to help customers resolve their issues and get answers to their questions. Featuring built-in artificial intelligence and context-mapped suggestions, Shelf’s Answer Assist guides agents through customer conversations.

Additional apps added in March:

  • Conduit (Support) lets you export data from your Zendesk Support account into Google Sheets or other data warehouses in a few clicks. You can build custom dashboards and reports, query, join, sync, and manipulate your data.
  • Event Manager Pro (Support) is designed with an accessible UI that seamlessly integrates with your Zendesk workspace, making it easier than ever to log events to customer profiles or timelines via the sidebar app in the Agent Workspace. With easy definable templates, you can make sure events contain the right information and data.
  • (Sell) is an online no-code builder for interactive content elements such as quizzes, forms (including payment forms), surveys, calculators, and funnels. Connecting and Zendesk Sell will allow you to automatically add prospects who interacted with your projects to your Zendesk Sell sales CRM or update details of existing contacts in your Zendesk Sell account.
  • BoloForms Approvals (Support) lets you easily create an approval workflow and share the link of Boloforms Approvals to your applicants: the applicants fill out the form, the manager gets a request via email for every approval and can approve or reject the application, the recipients are further notified of the status of their application via an email.
  • ZapUp (Sell) is a workflow automation tool that helps automate redundant tasks and creates workflows by connecting two or multiple apps to increase productivity. Use the application services to sync data between Zendesk Sell and 200+ third-party applications. Set triggers and actions between apps, get real-time alerts, and more with no coding knowledge required.
  • Auto-Assigner (Support) lets you assign tickets directly to the agent on view. Simply set which Ticket Groups should be auto-assigned and the app will do the rest. As soon as an agent in the group(s) views a ticket, it will assign it to them.
  • Opinew Product Reviews (Support) is the all-in-one app to import, collect, and display beautiful reviews. Opinew will help you import and sync reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay. Easily reply to your reviews from a sidebar app in Zendesk Support.
  • Training Ticket (Support) allows managers to create a training ticket from tickets they encounter in Zendesk Support with the click of a button. Training Tickets can be organized into Courses and assigned in bulk–perfect for onboarding new agents, leveling up knowledge, training your team on new processes, or calibrating responses among large teams.
  • Nightfall Cloud-Native DLP (Support) is a data security and compliance platform that helps find and protect your most sensitive data (PII, PHI, Secrets and Keys, etc.). Integrate in minutes with all your cloud apps, including Zendesk, to instantly protect your data and prevent breaches. Save time with real-time alerts, automated remediation actions, and pre-built detection templates to ensure you spend less energy managing security alerts.
  • Leadsly (Sell) generates leads by searching for the right prospects matching your buyer persona using the advanced filters option. Identify the technologies using the Technology search to gain insight into your prospects’ tech stack and competitors in the market. Easily create leads in Zendesk Sell from profiles in Leadsly.
  • Clone Parent Ticket Data (Support) clones any open ticket and creates a new ticket with the cloned data. All the custom fields and all the comments from the opened ticket can be copied to the new ticket by simply selecting comment and custom field checkboxes.
  • Yeastar (Support) for Zendesk seamlessly integrates Zendesk with your Yeastar P-Series phone system. Inbound calls from external numbers trigger a contact lookup in Zendesk, and contact details are added to your Yeastar PBX phonebooks. Whenever your contacts call, the caller name is automatically shown on your phone display. Set rules to automatically create new tickets for your inbound/outbound calls, or create new contacts for your calls from/to unknown numbers.
  • Autoform (Support) pulls data from knowledge bases or previous forms you’ve filled out in order to accurately answer new forms. As soon as a customer sends a form, Autoform will complete it and send it to you for review as a private note in your conversation.
  • Reclame Aqui by Zxperience (Support) allows complaints filed in Reclame Aqui to be answered directly from the Zendesk Support interface. Register multiple Reclame Aqui accounts in a single Zendesk instance and support your customers from one interface.
  • RDR Bacen from Zxperience (Support) allows complaints filed in the RDR system of the Central Bank of Brazil to be answered directly from the Zendesk Support interface. Complaints filed in the RDR system will generate Zendesk tickets and you can manage these tickets just the same as tickets from other channels.
  • from Zxperience (Support) allows complaints filed on the website to be answered directly from the Zendesk Support interface. Complaints filed on will generate Zendesk tickets and you can manage these tickets just the same as tickets from other channels.

New themes added in March:

Fashion Retail helps promote self-service with elegance, featuring an eye-catching design that delivers optimal customer experience.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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