Zendesk for a better IT ticket system

Ensure you have the right IT ticketing system in place

What is an IT ticket system and how can it help you?

What is a ticketing system in IT? Also called a help desk ticket system, an IT ticket system allows a company's support team to capture, organize, and solve issues efficiently. You can use IT ticketing software to solve external issues for customers, internal issues for employees, or both. Zendesk is a scalable help desk ticket system that’s easy to use whether your IT team has a few members or a few dozen. It unifies your support inbox so users can send requests through email, social media, web widgets, or mobile apps. Zendesk ticket management software also includes helpful features like automation, performance metrics, and app integrations to make IT services as effective as possible.

How does an IT ticketing system work?

An IT help desk ticketing system translates all end user issues from disparate sources into tickets. The system tracks the status of each ticket as support staff members work on solving the issue. A ticket records all interactions with a user as well as internal conversations between staff members on the issue.

With Zendesk’s IT ticketing platform, a ticket can be recorded as a question, problem, incident, or task. A single problem can be an underlying cause of many incidents. For example, if the company’s email server is down, multiple incidents can be linked to that problem. When you mark the main problem as solved, each user’s incident ticket is updated with the new status.

When customer support agents close tickets, they don’t just disappear. Tickets contain valuable data that can give you insight into your customers and company. IT ticketing programs can slice data in a variety of ways to reveal performance metrics and generate reports.

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What is the best ticketing system?

The best IT ticketing systems offer a combination of features that are simple to set up and use. When you try Zendesk, we think you’ll agree that it’s the best help desk ticket system out there. It’s a bold statement, but we back it up with 10 years of experience helping IT professionals support their end users.

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IT ticketing system software benefits

IT ticketing software receives, logs, and sorts incoming tickets to streamline problem resolution.
On a basic level, ticket management systems are all about increasing the productivity of a service desk team and making customers and employees happier. Ticket software allows you to:

  • Spend less time solving each issue
  • Spend less money solving each issue
  • Gain insight into end user satisfaction
  • Improve customer retention

Why consider this type of IT ticket system?

While there is no universal rule for when you should start using a help desk ticketing system, it’s definitely better get one earlier than later. Many companies choose to invest in ticketing systems early on to save on working hours and capital when problems arise. If your IT professionals spend all their time sorting through emails or figuring out who responded to what ticket, it’s time for a change.

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Zendesk offers a simple IT ticketing solution

Zendesk’s service desk ticketing solution contains a variety of features that make solving IT issues a breeze. Here are just a few examples.

  • Integrations: You already have your favorite apps for a variety of tasks. Zendesk comes with pre-built integrations for over 1,000 apps, including IT asset management services, so you can keep your ideal workflows going.
  • ITicket collaboration: Sometimes, support tickets require a team effort. Zendesk makes it easy for teams to collaborate on tickets publicly or privately without confusing customers.
  • Satisfaction Prediction Score: With enough data, our help desk ticketing system can predict customer satisfaction within each ticket. This gives agents a better understanding of what works. It can also help you save at-risk tickets before it’s too late.
  • Knowledge base: A self-service portal helps end users help themselves. By leveraging IT support staff knowledge, you can reduce incoming service tickets and better manage support requests.
  • Macros: Macros let you fill in predetermined responses to common requests and problems. For example, your IT help desk can create a preset response for password related problems.
  • Security and compliance: Zendesk offers multiple user authentication options including business and social single sign-ons. Redaction capabilities make it easy to keep passwords and sensitive information confidential. Zendesk Enterprise Support also offers optional HIPAA compliance.

What can you do with this type of IT ticketing software?

Here’s the meat and potatoes of what it can offer.

  • Identify and capture issues: As end users submit issues through emails, web portals, and social media channels, the software captures customer support tickets in one location. Each ticket has a unique reference number and is automatically associated with other tickets from the same user. Using a single location for organizing help desk requests means nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Record the issue and track the progress: A help desk platform categorizes tickets on type and priority, and business rules can make sure different types of tickets go to the right team members. Agents can link incidents to larger problems and track ticket status as it moves through various stages. Teams can collaborate together without losing track of ticket ownership.
  • Manage and resolve the ticket: Omnichannel ticket management is a native feature of Zendesk’s IT help desk software. When agents communicate with customers on ticket status, the customers experience a seamless conversation within their chosen communication method. When the team resolves the support request, they can relay that information to the customer. And when a larger problem ticket is resolved, you can send a custom message to all the customers who were affected by that issue.

Beyond this, the sky's the limit as far as how you use ticket management system data. You search for tools that can give your company an edge in marketing, operations, sales, and more. When it comes to your customer support team, it’s no different.

The right IT ticketing platform elevates problem management to a vital source of business intelligence. Help desk ticketing system reports give you insight into end users, and that can help you optimize the rest of your organization.