True stories of customer service ROI

True stories of customer service ROI

October 10, 2013
True stories of customer service ROI

Okay, so customer service ROI isn’t exactly the most scintillating topic. Unless…

Your life is on the line
“Quantify the ROI of Zendesk? That would be the same as the ROI for oxygen. Our customer service team, and our business, can’t live without it.”

Your results are dramatic and immediate
“70 percent of tickets dropped almost overnight.”

It involves disaster recovery
“After Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, we had a lot of agents who couldn’t get to the office. We got through it because they could use Zendesk from home.”

These are just some of the real stories behind the numbers in a new study: True Stories of Customer Service ROI: The Real-World Benefits of Zendesk.

These stories may sound like a marketer’s dream, but I assure you, we weren’t involved in crafting them. In fact, they were collected by an independent market research company—Dimensional Research—that interviewed our customers about the actual value they receive from Zendesk. In order to encourage honest and unfiltered feedback, participants were assured anonymity.

This whole thing started as part of a project to develop the world’s best ROI calculator for customer service software buyers. But in addition to gathering all the data needed to produce our awesome calculator, Dimensional Research uncovered such amazing stories from our customers, we thought they were worthy of their very own report.

We think the result is as page-turning as any summer beach read, but maybe we’re just nerdy that way.

Read True Stories of Customer Service ROI: The Real-World Benefits of Zendesk

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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