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Embracing change: Build, test, and adapt in a sandbox environment

The world will keep changing, but with a sandbox, you can be ready. Find out how Premium Sandbox can help you adapt to meet the needs of the moment.

Por Sarah Olson, Senior Associate, Content Marketing,, @seolson5

Última actualización el July 2, 2020

The world will keep changing, and now is the time to embrace it. Change can be challenging, of course, but it can also push you to build an even better customer experience, listen to your customers more closely and work harder to stand out from your competition—and these are all good things.

One of the ways you can equip your team to embrace change is with a virtual sandbox environment. Half of our sandbox customers are already using the tool for their change management planning, so you’ll be in good company.

Read on to find out how you can take advantage of Premium Sandbox for Zendesk Support to continually hone your customer experience.

Sandbox environment—What does it mean?

In software development, a sandbox environment is a virtual replica of your existing software setup that allows you to test new workflows or configurations before deploying them. The sandbox gives administrators and developers the freedom to experiment safely without disrupting service. These roles have an important responsibility, as the changes they make have a direct impact on the customer experience. It’s important that they have a safe way to try and test their ideas, and that’s what the sandbox provides.

3 benefits of a sandbox environment in times of change

  1. Build without risk

    Sometimes change happens suddenly, such as in the case of a health crisis or natural disaster, and you need to adapt your customer service operations quickly. In a sandbox environment, you can rapidly build and test new support configurations until you find the best setup for your customers’ needs and circumstances. Then, you can take it to your active production environment and get back to work helping your customers.
  2. Protect your investment

    You invested valuable time and effort building a support setup that’s seamless for both customers and agents. Even small changes can have a ripple effect, leading to disruptions that are difficult and time-consuming to fix. Using a sandbox, you can test changes in an environment that looks and acts like the real thing, so you know exactly how it’s going to work when you roll it out to customers. Yes—it’s possible to move fast without breaking anything.
  3. Take control of your customer experience

    With many unknowns in the world, you might as well control the things you can control. Instead of just reacting to changes as they occur, be proactive about adapting to meet your customers needs. Implementing a sandbox environment allows you to be creative without consequences, and continuous improvement helps show your customers you really care about their experience.

Embracing change

No one knows what the future holds, but we know it will change. Those changes might happen in an instant or they might unfold over months and years. Your customers need you to be the kind of company that can embrace change and adapt, no matter the circumstances. With the right attitude and the right tools, you can retain your customers even as the world keeps changing.

Stop reacting to change and start embracing it with Premium Sandbox for Zendesk Support.

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