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Six Criteria for Selecting Help Desk Software

Last updated November 14, 2011

As software increasingly moves from resource-heavy on-premise solutions to the cost-savings and flexibility of the cloud, it can be difficult to evaluate real solutions from pretenders. Finding a platform that’s reliable and addresses your needs is vital. Our guide, Saas Help Desk Software: Your 6 Requirements, identifies six key criteria to consider when evaluating potential solutions:

  1. Ease of Implementation – Web-based customer support should be significantly faster and easier to implement than traditional software. Look for customer references to validate vendor claims.
  2. Automated Ticket Management – The SaaS help desk solution should fully support all existing support processes with rule-based triggers, notifications and views.
  3. Multi-Channel Support – To engage customers on their own terms, the help desk solution should enable agents to centrally manage support processes across multiple communication channels including email, Web, social media, online chat, community forums, and native support for mobile application platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.
  4. Reporting – Managers and agents should be able to easily run reports and use advanced analytics to track metrics like customer satisfaction, agent performance and ticket resolution times.
  5. Integration – The solution should come with pre-built integrations to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Time Tracking & Billing, Project Management and many other applications, as well as offering APIs for custom integrations.
  6. Customization – Branding in the age of the Internet requires that web-based solutions be fully customizable to conform with company standards.

For more information, download the guide here.