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Translating iconic experiences to a digital space—with Aesop’s Carine McGinnity

The luxury skincare retailer gained a cult following for offering deeply personal experiences—and yes, those amazing free samples—in its physical stores. Here’s how it’s working to rebuild those experiences online.

Por Maggie Mazzetti, Staff Writer

Última actualización el March 4, 2024

If you’ve ever walked into an Aesop store, it’s a full sensory experience. The smells, the sights, the samples—and the incredibly warm and knowledgeable staff. It’s hard to imagine such a rich experience ever existing online and yet, the team at Aesop is tackling just that.

The work began in 2020, when much of the world retreated from physical spaces. “It was a huge catalyst for us in terms of our digital transformation,” said McGinnity. “We have a very distinct and recognizable customer experience within our stores.”

Much of that experience hinges on engaging nearly all of a customers’ senses—seeing the products, smelling and touching them, and connecting through meaningful conversations with retail consultants. It’s an effort with its fair share of challenges, McGinnity admitted. Even so, her team is working hard to bring their vision to life.

From creating an on-brand bot to building custom applications for Aesop’s agents-turned-retail-consultants, learn more about McGinnity’s innovative leadership—including why deflection isn’t part of her lexicon and what’s next on her transformation roadmap.

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