Making knowledge management software work for you

What is knowledge management software?

Knowledge management software (KM software) is a system that captures, aggregates, and classifies an organization's internal information to build an information database. A knowledge management system makes all of that information available internally to agents and externally to customers for solving problems and troubleshooting.

Zendesk Guide integrates easily with Zendesk Support for improved efficiency and faster resolution of customer issues.

Knowledge into content

The purpose of knowledge management system software is to organize institutional knowledge as content, usually in the form of documents. Smart companies create resources like articles, then provide internal employees and external customers with access to those documents.

The main goal of knowledge management is a solution that users can access, search through, learn from and apply to solve their own problems. Knowledge management software enables employees all across the company to contribute and improve the quality of content in the knowledge base.

A solution for information

Most companies view the investment in knowledge management favorably. Providing information that users and customers can use to create the solutions to problems on their own is less expensive than providing live employees to offer the same service.

The process of setting up knowledge management involves creating a knowledge base out of files, articles, documents and other kinds of information about the company's technology and products. Many of those resources live in the Customer Service group, even if they have not yet been written up. For that reason, most companies begin their knowledge management process in the customer support organization.

Once the knowledge is out of employees' heads and into print, the company begins to enjoy the benefits of better information management and sharing. Customers and users reap the benefits of shorter solution times and easier access to the knowledge base.

Starting knowledge management

Any organization large enough to have a broad customer base and at least some churn among customer service agents is ripe for knowledge management system software. It is important to implement processes for creating, searching for, finding and providing institutional knowledge on a large scale. Otherwise, that knowledge slips through the company's fingers because of attrition and turnover.

Many organizations give new employees access to knowledge management software to learn about products and technology. The sharing of knowledge through training is as important as the management of knowledge.

Employees and users provide all the information, entering it as individual articles and documents to the software. In enterprises, IT usually handles the implementation, integration and ongoing management of the software, and in small companies Customer Support owns those functions.

Guide for knowledge management software

With Zendesk Guide knowledge management software, you build a knowledge base of your support information and content, then publish it to all your customers and users. The smooth integration between Zendesk Support and Zendesk Guide ensures that your organization's agents will have access to the resources they need for high customer satisfaction. They can search on articles internally through your own help center and your customers can access them externally as well.

With Guide, you'll find that setup and management of your well-rounded knowledge base is easy. Agents can use the Knowledge Capture app and generate new content from every interaction. They can designate any content in need of improvement in a loop that refines your company's knowledge for all of your users all the time. Guide helps you get more value from your self-service resources sooner.

Synergies between Zendesk Support and Guide help improve the content in your knowledge base continuously.

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