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Última actualización el May 5, 2023

Help desk software helps customer support teams and agents receive, process, and respond to service requests of any size. If the term “help desk software” sounds like some automated and depersonalized nightmare, fear not. These tools are people-powered, giving your (human) customer service team an organized view of their customer request landscape. With help desk software, your customer service team is set up for success with the information and tools they need.

No matter the size of your business, Zendesk has plenty of software options to help you scale easily. Our technology works right out of the box, integrates with your team’s existing tools, and expands to fit your needs. Try a free trial of Zendesk Support today and experience how our help desk solution can benefit your business.

Your omnichannel help desk

Customers expect both seamless customer service experience and to resolve issues on their preferred channel. Zendesk can help you surpass customer expectations easily with our omnichannel ticketing system. Omnichannel means that you are able to connect to customers on multiple channels (like social media, your mobile app, or website chat box) from one centralized place. No more multiple logins or clicking through three dozen tabs to find your customer chat. Phew.

Zendesk is an omnichannel ticketing system that makes it easy for your business to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets for inquiries. Zendesk software makes it effortless for teams to access and manage all information from one centralized hub, giving chat agents a full view of each customer and their journey regardless of where the conversation originated. Whether customers prefer email, chat bot, social media, or phone, your team will be able to keep the conversation going on every and any channel without losing context. Experience streamlined communication (and an information silo-free zone) with a Zendesk helpdesk software free trial.

Data is power

At Zendesk, we know that measuring customer data is a powerful way to scale and improve your business. Zendesk software makes it easy for your team to measure and improve using customer data. With our open CRM platform Zendesk Sunshine, your business can connect all customer data so chat agents get full context about every customer. And with Zendesk customer service analytics and reporting, you received detailed insights and reports to understand how your team can improve.

And when your business does grow, Zendesk help desk software will help your team retain and grow your customer base by managing and organizing the data from those incoming customer service requests—no matter the scale. Simply put, Zendesk is here to make your business look good and perform even better. Kind of like a tech-y fairy godmother.

Experience Zendesk’s omnichannel free help desk trial for yourself

With Zendesk, you get an omnichannel help desk software that empowers your team to provide the best experience to your customers. Assist customers across any channel, connect all your customer data so your agents get full context about every customer with our open CRM platform Zendesk Sunshine, and get detailed insights and reports with Zendesk customer service analytics.

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