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Doing business in the Social Media world

Last updated May 19, 2010

Social Media has become the buzzword of almost any business, particularly business online. But pin the average business down and ask them how they should be conducting their business using Social Media, and I bet you’ll get all manner of different responses.

Luckily, there’s people here to help you. Social Media in Business 2010 is an event being held in London on the 21st of May, at the beautiful Paypal UK offices.

Social Media in Business is not your normal “run of the mill” conference, it’s an agile progressive Web 2.0 style conference where the conversation and interaction begins well before the event day, and continues long after.

The conference is an outstanding, exciting, far-reaching and in-depth educational experience utilising social media experts, in the true sense of the word, with proven track records of social media application in a business capacity. Speakers will include Facebook, Paypal, Gumtree, NHS Direct and a whole bunch more.

If you are interested in networking with the UK’s cream of the crop social media experts, looking for key strategic business insights, answers to organisational challenges you must come along to Social Media in Business 2010 where we will host you for the day, and educate you.

I’ll be there myself, talking on a panel about “Community Building”. The panel is open, so everyone at the conference is welcome to attend and throw their questions at the panel.

There’s also a 15% discount code especially for you guys, just enter smibzen when you’re buying your ticket.

Hope to see you there.

Jake Holman works as a Product Magician at Zendesk.