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The more the merrier: Add teams to Zendesk Support

By Brian Reuter

Last updated April 14, 2017

Helping customers along the way is a task too big for just one team. Sure, your customer service team answers many of the day-to-day questions that arise (and they’re great at it), but expertise from other departments is sometimes required.

All too often, when a customer’s needs move outside the scope of your support team, agents will have to use an entirely different method to contact the right team or person. That might mean sending an email, picking up the phone, or walking down the hallway to chat in person. This is often the case when support needs to touch base with billing or finance teams, sales, or to pass customer feedback back to a product team.

In each case, it takes additional time to resolve the customer issue, details may get lost in translation, and your support team ends up playing messenger between the customer and other teams.

Here at Zendesk, we were curious about the impact of this. We surveyed our customers to learn what benefits they’ve seen by adding multiple teams to a shared instance of Zendesk Support. Of those surveyed, 62 percent have added one or more teams after implementation. From that subset of respondents, 91 percent reported that sharing their Support instance led to increased support operations efficiency.

“Having a centralized location where all stakeholders can execute on their specific task has been hugely helpful,” said Justine Matison, Manager of Customer Service and Support at Lever.

With more teams using the same Support instance, agents can easily assign tickets to other teams without losing sight of them. This saves time and removes friction from the customer experience. Beth Haberski, a customer experience manager at Aleva Stores, shared: “Having multiple departments collaborating on projects in Zendesk Support has allowed us to make shopping simpler for our customers.”

Similarly, Mark Stagi, Director of Customer Success at Base, explained, “Zendesk Support has given us more visibility into customers’ needs, which has decreased the time it takes to resolve issues. We are no longer wasting time checking in with people across other systems because everything is now visible in Zendesk.”

Get the birds’ eye view of our survey results in this infographic detailing the value of adding teams to your instance of Zendesk Support