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Rewarding Excellence in Customer Service and Support

Last updated August 13, 2010

If you’ve ever worked in customer service or customer support then you know one thing for sure: it is hard work. And it’s very clear when someone is exceptionally good at it. You know the type; patient, but not a pushover; personable, but not over-the-top; able to handle a million things at once and yet still remember that customer’s water.

To honor and recognize those exceptional people, Zendesk is sponsoring the 2nd Annual R.E.C.S.S. (Recognition for Excellence in Customer Support and Service) awards. The R.E.C.S.S. awards were created to recognize outstanding customer support and service provided by companies and agents.

Nominations are currently open for companies and individuals in the following categories:

  • Hospitality
  • Hosting
  • Hardware
  • Software-SaaS
  • Software-Download
  • Online Service Provider
  • Retailer
  • Consulting
  • Services

If you’ve had a great experience recently, you can easily nominate a company/agent by filling out the handy form here. You can nominate multiple times, but you can only nominate a company in the same category once. The companies/agents with the most nominations move onto the voting round where the company/agent with the highest votes wins.

The nominations period runs August 1-31.

The voting period runs September 2-17.

The winning company snags an official award and the honor of posting a badge on their site acknowledging its award-winning customer support/service. The top agent will win a Nintendo Wii.

Let’s reward good customer service so we get more of it – whaddya say?