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Saving the World by Being Grungy

Last updated October 7, 2010

Seventh Generation cleaning productsAs stewards of this fine planet, we’ve been really trying our hardest to be better about not destroying it on a daily basis. So, in addition to recycling, not running the water while brushing our teeth, and at least googling what it would take to make our cars run on biodiesel, there has also been an impressively widespread adoption of “greener” cleaning products. You know, the products that while being most certainly better for the planet, kind of don’t get the job done.

But, as Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams points out, maybe getting the job done means lowering our expectations of what it means to be clean.

Like it or not, the days of big frothy lathers are days gone by. And maybe the price of saving the world is that we all have to be a little dirtier.